Board and Management ownership


In the below table you can find the Board of Directors and Group Leadership Team members' direct and indirect (related party or spouse) ownerships of Stora Enso A and R shares.

Insider ownership

Updated 1.9.2020Direct ownershipIndirect ownership
A ShareR ShareA ShareR Share
Board of Directors
Jorma ElorantaChair of the Board1 15034 285
Hans StråbergVice Chair of the Board45 389
Håkan BuskheMember of the Board2 781
Elisabeth FleuriotMember of the Board26 512
Hock GohMember of the Board31 265
Mikko HelanderMember of the Board7 079
Christiane KuehneMember of the Board11 073
Antti MäkinenMember of the Board7 498
Richard NilssonMember of the Board23 615
Group Leadership Team
Annica BreskyPresident and CEO of Stora Enso14 511
Seppo ParviCFO of Stora Enso, Country Manager Finland46 401
David EkbergEVP, Packaging Solutions625
Johanna HagelbergEVP, Sourcing and Logistics24 795
Kati ter HorstEVP, Paper division56 467
Hannu KasurinenEVP, Packaging Materials division35 486
Katariina KraviEVP, HR0
Ulrika LiljaEVP, Communications20 067
Per LyrvallEVP, Legal, General Counsel, Country Manager Sweden69 1991 257
Markus MannströmEVP, Biomaterials division25 251
Annette StubeEVP, Sustainability0
Jari SuominenEVP, Forest division49 002
Lars VölkelEVP, Wood Products0