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In the below table you can find the Board of Directors and Group Leadership Team members' direct and indirect (related party or spouse) ownerships of Stora Enso A and R shares.

Insider ownership

Updated 16.9.2021 Direct ownership Indirect ownership
A Share R Share A Share R Share
Board of Directors
Antti Mäkinen Chair of the Board 12 244
Håkan Buskhe Vice Chair of the Board 5 479
Elisabeth Fleuriot Member of the Board 28 343
Hock Goh Member of the Board 33 096
Helena Hedblom Member of the Board 1 831
Mikko Helander Member of the Board 8 910
Christiane Kuehne Member of the Board 12 904
Richard Nilsson Member of the Board 25 446
Hans Sohlström Member of the Board 11 831 179
Group Leadership Team
Annica Bresky President and CEO of Stora Enso 19 763
Seppo Parvi CFO of Stora Enso, Country Manager Finland 50 924
Tobias Bäärnman Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer 1 207
David Ekberg EVP, Packaging Solutions 625
Johanna Hagelberg EVP, Sourcing and Logistics 28 146
Kati ter Horst EVP, Paper division 61 996
Hannu Kasurinen EVP, Packaging Materials division 37 189
Katariina Kravi EVP, HR 0
Per Lyrvall EVP, Legal, General Counsel, Country Manager Sweden 73 383 1 257
Markus Mannström EVP, Biomaterials division 29 391
Teemu Salmi CIO, Head of IT & Digitalisation 9 034
Annette Stube EVP, Sustainability 0
Jari Suominen EVP, Forest division 53 168
Lars Völkel EVP, Wood Products 0

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