Debt investors

Debt investors

Stora Enso’s funding strategy is based on the Group’s financial targets. Stora Enso should have access to sufficient competitively priced funding at any time to be able to pursue its strategy and achieve its financial targets.

Stora Enso’s debt structure is focused on the capital markets and commercial banks. Stora Enso maintains consistent dialogue with fixed-income community with informative and transparent communication and meetings in conferences and road-shows. 

Funding is obtained in the currencies of the Group’s investments and assets (primarily USD, EUR, SEK and CNY). Commercial paper markets are used for short-term funding and liquidity management.

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Public debt structure

as at 30 September 2020​EUR​USDSEK
Public issues​
EUR 300 million 2023USD 300 million 2036SEK 3000 million 2021
EUR 300 million 2027SEK 3000 million 2024
EUR 300 million 2028SEK 3100 million 2025
​Private placements​EUR 125 million  2025                  SEK 1000 million 2026
​EUR 25 million  2027                 
Pension commitment loans

Debt programmes and credit facilities

​Commercial Paper ProgrammesFinnish Commercial Paper Programme​ EUR 750 million​Swedish Commercial Paper Programme SEK 10 000 million
EMTN (Euro Medium-Term Note Programme)​EUR 4 000 million​
​Back-up facility​EUR 600 million Sustainability linked Revolving Credit Facility 2023 1)
EUR 150 million Bilateral Committed Credit Facility 2021
EUR 100 million Bilateral Committed Credit Facility 2022
1) Undrawn committed credit facility EUR 600 million. Part of the pricing for the facility agreement is based on Stora Enso's Science Based Targets to combat global warming by reducing greenhouse gases, including CO2.

Stora Enso is integrating sustainability agenda to its funding and financial services. The Group has the long-term aim to secure funding partners that have sustainability as a fundamental part of their agenda. We aim to influence and develop the financial markets to ensure that sustainability becomes an integral part of decisions and credit evaluation. For more information, please see Stora Enso’s Sustainability Report 2019, section Investors.

Bond loans in non-current debt

​​​Issue / Maturity DatesDescription of Bond​​Interest Rate % Currency of Bond​Nominal Value Issued​Outstanding As at 30 SeptemberCarrying Value As at 30 September
​ ​ ​ ​20202020
​All liabilities are Held by the Parent company ​ ​ ​Currency million​​ ​​EUR million​
Fixed rate      
​2006 - 2036Global 7.250% Notes 2036​​7.250​USD300​300253
​2016 - 2023Euro Medium Term Note​​2.125​EUR​300300299
​2017 - 2027Euro Medium Term Note​2.500EUR​300300299
​2018 - 2028Euro Medium Term Note​2.500EUR​300300298
​2019 - 2024Euro Medium Term Note​1.875SEK17501 750165
2020 - 2025Euro Medium Term Note​2.375SEK15501 550147
Total Fixed Rate Bond Loans1 461
Floating rate
​2015 - 2025​Euro Medium Term Note​Euribor +2.25EUR​​125125125
​2015 - 2027​Euro Medium Term Note​Euribor +2.35​EUR​252525
​2019 - 2021​Euro Medium Term NoteStibor + 0.85SEK3 0003 000284
​2019 - 2024​Euro Medium Term NoteStibor + 1.45SEK1 2501 250118
​2019 - 2026​Euro Medium Term NoteStibor + 1.60SEK1 0001 00094
2020 - 2025Euro Medium Term NoteStibor + 2.20SEK1 5501 550147
Total Floating Rate Bond Loans793
Total Bond Loans2 254

Rating strategy

Stora Enso Group’s target is to have at least one public credit rating with the ambition to be investment grade and sustain such metrics throughout business cycles. The present rating and outlook from Moody's and Fitch Ratings are shown below. For older reports please visit our Download Center and select Rating reports.
​Rating agency​Long / Short-term rating​Valid from
Fitch RatingsBBB- (stable)8 August 2018
Moody'sBaa3 (stable) / P-31 November 2018

On 6th of August 2018 Stora Enso signed a new credit rating agreement with Fitch Ratings. Fitch assigned Stora Enso Oyj a rating of BBB- with a stable outlook. At the same time Stora Enso terminated its credit rating agreement with the rating agency S&P Global Ratings (Standard & Poor’s) and asked S&P to withdraw their rating. Rating was removed on 28th of August 2018 and it was BBB- with stable outlook.

On 1st of November 2018, Moody's Investors Service upgraded Stora Enso Oyj to Baa3 from Ba1 with stable outlook. After the upgrade an Investment Grade rating has been received from both Moody’s and Fitch.

Stora Enso’s goal is to ensure that rating agencies continue to be comfortable with Stora Enso’s strategy and performance. The Company’s strategy is to achieve liquidity well in line with the comfort level of the agencies. Review meetings are arranged with the Stora Enso management annually, and regular contact is maintained with the rating analysts.

Read more about debt and loans in Note 26 of Stora Enso's Financial report 2019.

Rating reports