Eggs on packaging line

New renewable and recyclable packaging for eggs has been a success in Sweden

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Stjärnägg AB in Sweden is switching from plastic to paperboard in their egg packaging to reduce plastic for environmental reasons. The company supplies fresh eggs from about seventy certified farmers to shops and restaurants across the country and wanted to get rid of unnecessary plastic. The new packaging solution is fully renewable and recyclable.

The first three products of Stjärnägg packed in paperboard include the 20-packs of the best-selling ‘Stora Öland’ eggs, ‘Ekologiska’ organic eggs and ‘Utehönsägg’ free range eggs, which is the fastest growing trend in the egg market.

Instead of the traditional shrink film plastic, the eggs lie on a plate made of pressed cardboard wrapped in a sleeve made of our board CKB™ by Stora Enso. The packaging solution is provided by Schur Pack Sweden AB and packaging machine supplier Schur Technology A/S. The structure of the package enables you to see the eggs inside while being stable enough to put on top of a shopping bag on the way home.

“A large pack of high-quality eggs packed in environmentally friendly, easy-to-recycle packaging is just what the consumers want. We are constantly working on to make our products and operations more sustainable and environmentally friendly, and by avoiding plastic packaging we can contribute to reduced use of plastic and smaller environmental impact”, says Håkan Burlin, CEO of Stjärnägg.

Peter Tegström from Schur Pack Sweden confirms that the new package has been well received and opened doors to new customers. The key is its low carbon footprint and its large print surface, which enables customers to provide plenty of product information and convey their brand messages effectively. The use of low migration materials, colours and varnish ensures inert packaging which has no impact on the packed product.

CKB is a kraft back board with a white top side and a natural brown reverse side, which provides various design opportunities. It is ideal for cartons and multipacks for its high stiffness, strength and durability.