LumiFlex flexible packaging paper

Replacing plastics in flexible packaging of food and beverages

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Flexible packaging is a growing business, and there is an increasing demand for paper instead of finite raw materials such as plastic. Flexible packaging papers are a good option for food and beverage brands who prefer renewable and recyclable packaging that meets the needs of eco-conscious consumers.

Stora Enso provides a selection of flexible packaging papers fit for purpose. Our flexible packaging papers are one-side-coated, light-weight speciality papers produced at our Veitsiluoto mill in Finland. They provide natural feel and great print results, completing our versatile offering of renewable materials for packaging.

LumiFlex Light™ by Stora Enso is a food-safe flexible packaging paper to use in direct food contact, such as yoghurt cup banderoles or bags and pouches for dry food. LumiFlex Light is also suitable for extrusion coating and metallizing, which provide additional functionality and strength if needed. It is ideal for high-fidelity process printing, and its good bulk and strength enable optimised runnability on high-speed packaging lines.

LumiLabel Light™ by Stora Enso is used in multiple consumer packaging types. It is suitable for flexible packaging as well as wrap-around labels on cans and jars. Its high opacity ensures appealing graphics and first impression, and it runs well on printing machines and packaging lines. LumiLabel Light Aqua™ is a specially designed grade for partial wet-strength applications such as water and beverage bottle labels and wrap-around labels.