Care by Stora Enso becomes NaturaFluff by Stora Enso

Published 1 June 2020
As of 1 June 2020, the new name of our fluff pulp product line will be “NaturaFluff by Stora Enso”. This means we will stop using the previous brand name “Care by Stora Enso”.

We are changing our fluff pulp brand because we want our fluff brand name to truly incorporate our dedication to sustainability in everything we do. We also want a brand name which clearly communicates what the product is all about – a product made from renewable material that brings sustainability, trustworthiness and safety to our customers.

In this re-branding process, we are also changing the names of our various fluff pulp products, with the purpose of making the product names better reflect some of their key properties and the properties of the end-use products. We have grouped the products by the key words Absorb, Soft and Totally Chlorine Free (TCF).This rebranding only impacts the brand and product names. There will be no changes to the raw material, the process or the specification of the different products. 

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Maximal performance, minimal environmental impact

NaturaFluff is made from northern softwood, pine and spruce, grown in Sweden. We provide FSC® and PEFC™ certifications. We produce using either Elemental Chlorine-Free (ECF) or Totally Chlorine-Free (TCF) bleaching technologies. All our fluff pulp products meet the safety regulations of the food and hygiene industries and criteria for eco labels such as the EU Eco label, Nordic Swan and Blue Angel. 

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Reading a book with kids

For hygiene products and air-laid nonwovens

NaturaFluff by Stora Enso connects nature and future. A renewable raw material with excellent properties: absorption, softness and strength.