3d printed biocomposites

Go green and furbish your stage with 3D-printed wood fibers

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Furbish your stage with 3D-printed wood fiber composites. It’s a climate smart product portfolio, that can be re-designed and re-used many times over.

Your store is a stage where imaginative installations and rich materials creates the storyline. But what if you could amplify that with not only a climate smart material but also without the traditional design constraints? Our 3D-printed wood fiber composites is a climate smart alternative, that can be re-designed and re-used many times over. 

Using 3D-printed wood fiber composite you can create the physical details that stands out, custom made displays to showcase your products perfectly or furniture that reevaluates spaces, texture, light and sound.

The material

Experiences can be both touchless and tactile, and by using wood fiber composites from sustainably managed Swedish forests you get the best of both. A product that both visually stands out and has the tactile feeling of wood. All while delivering a carbon footprint that can be reduced with up to 80% compared to fossil-based plastics.

The Products

Stora Enso has teamed up with the creative additive manufacturer minds at Sculpture to deliver beautifully designed furniture pieces, where we make the most out of our every aspect of our wood fiber composites in the 3D-printer.

Re-use, re-vamp and re-design

Linearity and single use are things of the past. Materials and products need to have long lifespan to be truly sustainable and have a place in the future circularity of retail. Therefore, we offer you the possibility to send back the products once you find them outdated. But not only that, we will have them re-printed into a new design using the same material – up to 5 or 6 times. And you don´t even have to pay for the material again, making it not only good for the environment but also your wallet.

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