Climate-smart interior is 3D-printed

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Presentation is everything: Store design plays a decisive role in showcasing products and attracting customers. This one-of-a-kind shop setting comprises bespoke interior produced by Stora Enso made entirely of Biocomposites.
This concept is part of the client's goal of making sustainable choices and choosing new materials for their products and spaces.
Biocomposites are altering design and manufacturing because, in addition to being sustainable and circular, they enable the replacement of traditional materials and provide designers with new options, allowing for greater design freedom. Stora Enso produced pieces to a store design that showcases a diverse selection of items in an aesthetically appealing manner, emphasizing the client's brand while being commercially effective. The production process took approximately 6 weeks, from receiving the design sketches to manufacturing over 500 modules using 3D printing. As a result, extraordinary shapes and designs were created that were previously unachievable by traditional furniture-making.

The counters have an organic shape that provides durability and style without sacrificing sustainability.

The client states:” Now more than ever, we must do our bit for the environment and this store offers us the ability to easily explore new in-store initiatives and low-carbon store designs. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact in any way we can and are continuing to explore new initiatives all the time."

Biomaterials are key to decarbonizing interior production and moving away from a wasteful economy. At the same time, they open new horizons for architects and designers to create beautiful and performative environments.