Bio-based plastic: Made from renewable materials

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In a world increasingly conscious of environmental impact, the shift towards renewable, bio-based plastics is gaining momentum. The motivation behind this shift is clear – we want to see a circular tomorrow, where materials circulate constantly and where carbon added to the cycle is taken from the air by crops and trees that grow back.

FDCA, a key player in this green transition, can be efficiently produced from sustainably grown plants. FuraCore® by Stora Enso takes this a step further, introducing an innovative process that addresses traditional challenges associated with FDCA production. FuraCore® by Stora Enso emerges as a breakthrough technology, revolutionizing the production of furandicarboxylic acid (FDCA), a crucial component for bio-based plastics.

One of the game-changing features of FuraCore® is its use of a single solvent throughout the entire process. In contrast, traditional methods relying on multiple solvents lead to increased energy consumption due to the removal and addition of solvents between steps.

FuraCore® tackles the fouling of the process by oligomeric humins, a sticky by-product that can clog and disrupt production. Through advanced membrane nanofiltration, Stora Enso smartly removes humins from the process stream, converting them into a free-flowing dry powder.

Furthermore, the technology introduces a clean and efficient fixed-bed process for oxidation, utilizing a customized catalyst. This gentler, cleaner process brings the yield and purity that enable high quality polyesters and other FDCA-based formulation the industry in looking for.

In essence, FuraCore® by Stora Enso not only promotes the adoption of bio-based plastics, but also offers a sustainable and efficient process to make it happen. As the world seeks ways to embrace eco-friendly practices, FuraCore® stands out as a breakthrough innovation, steering us towards a circular and more sustainable future.

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