Scope 3 emissions: Electric freight solution delivers Lesjöfors’s products from Stora Enso – Lowering CO2 emissions up to 95%

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The company Lesjöfors is cutting scope 3 emissions with help from Stora Enso. The products that they order from Stora Enso are now delivered by an electric truck. Switching from diesel to electric transportation saves up to 95% of CO2 emissions. This local initiative by Stora Enso’s Jönköping Mill was possible by involving electric freight mobility company Einride.
In line with many companies working hard to become more sustainable, more and more are also keeping track of their “scope 3 emissions”. Scope 3 emissions are the result of activities not owned or controlled by the company, but that indirectly affect their value chain. For example: emissions caused by a third-party delivering products to the company.  

“Emissions from scope 3 are as important as all other emissions to take responsibility for, but it can be complicated as they are not ‘your’ emissions,” says Anna Hörberg, Head of Supply Chain, Corrugated Sweden at Stora Enso. 

The company Lesjöfors produces springs and pressings. From Stora Enso they get corrugated boxes that are delivered once a week, from Stora Enso’s Jönköping premises to Lesjöfors in Växjö, Sweden.   

Lesjöfors aims to be number one in sustainability in their industry. Because of this, they are looking into all places where they see potential improvements. 

“We wanted to help them and suggested that we would deliver our products with an electric truck, to reduce their scope 3 emissions,” says Mattias Herbertsson, Account Manager Consumer Goods at Stora Enso. 

Offering this solution to Lesjöfors was possible because of Stora Enso’s close collaboration with Einride, a leading provider in the forefront of electric freight mobility. The benefit? Switching from diesel to electric equals CO2e savings reaching up to 95%.  

Cutting emissions and 26 trucks 

Saying yes to electric transport was easy for Lesjöfors. 

“The Lesjӧfors Group takes sustainability very seriously. Our ambition is to be the most sustainable spring and pressing company in the world and we are striving towards a more sustainable future. This is why we are working hard to cut emissions everywhere we can. That’s the kind of company we are,” says Håkan Möller, CFO at Lesjöfors. 

Lesjöfors’s Logistic Manager Bo Magnusson agrees:  

“Absolutely. When an opportunity like this presents itself, we jump on it,” he says.  

This local initiative by Stora Enso in Jönköping, Sweden, equals the first electric customer deliveries within the corrugated business for Stora Enso. The deliveries are handled in the same way as before. The only difference, besides the fuel, is that the truck is loaded more efficiently, making room for more products. So, deliveries now come every 14 days instead of once a week. Reducing the number of trucks by 26 per year. 

“It’s working really well. Stora Enso listens and they find solutions. They are customer focused, regardless if we need to make changes to our boxes. Or like now, lowering the carbon footprint for transporting the products we order,” says Bo Magnusson, Lesjöfors. 

Anna Haesert, Head of Sustainability at the Lesjӧfors Group adds:  

“Collaboration is key to innovation and this latest development with Stora Enso is a perfect example of how working together, sharing our sustainable goals with our suppliers, and customers, has led to an innovation where everyone benefits – especially our environment.” 

She continues:  

“We have committed to a climate reduction roadmap by setting emission reduction targets grounded in climate science through the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi) and partnerships are key to reducing our Scope 3 emissions.” 

Electric vehicles available to more

“Heavy-duty transport accounts for almost 8% of global emissions, and the potential for a positive environmental impact is evident, which is compelling to many companies,” says Carl Ceder, Vice President Region Nordics at Einride. 

“Our customers are asking more and more for sustainable delivery options. Now, thanks to Einride, we can respond to this,” says Sanna Leppänen, Development Manager, Logistics & Order Fulfillment at Stora Enso. 

“The partnership with Stora Enso is dynamic as we try to shake things up and disrupt conventional approaches. We handle both internal deliveries for Stora Enso and external deliveries for their customers,” Carl Ceder at Einride ends.
Corrugated packaging solutions
The electric truck covers a round trip from Jönköping to Växjö in Sweden, spanning approximately 110 kilometers one way. Following the delivery of goods, the truck makes a recharging stop in Växjö at a public charging station before continuing its journey.