A Sustainable Binder for Insulation Ready in Industrial Scale

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NeoLigno® by Stora Enso: A renewable binder for the construction industry

NeoLigno® by Stora Enso is a bio-based binder, ideal for mineral and glass wool. By changing to a binder made from renewable materials you can decrease your carbon footprint, while removing harmful formaldehyde and isocyanates from your loop.

Phasing out fossils is not only about meeting industry standards and regulations. Harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and isocyanates used in traditional binders are widely present in our homes, workplaces, and schools. Invisible to the naked eye, they are in our walls in the insulation, risking our health while having a negative impact on the environment. For producers of insulation material there is a sustainable option ready in industrial scale.


Superior mechanical strength

NeoLigno® is a natural binder, perfect for production of insulation materials in the building industry. Bio-based with superior mechanical strength and suitable for humid conditions, it is made from Lignin – a side stream of the pulp industry typically utilised as bioenergy – already being produced in millions of tonnes across Europe.

We see no major modifications or redesigns needed in the production line for companies who wish to make the sustainable switch and implement NeoLigno®. Mineral wool must fulfil certain requirements stated in relevant standards. Those requirements are made to mimic and fast-forward real life conditions that the panel will be exposed to. Like mechanical strength, resistance to fire and resistance to moisture. We have spent several years developing this binder to ensure that it meets even exceeds the industry criteria for this type of products, says Sara Fäldt, R&D Senior Specialist at Stora Enso.

At Eurofibre, we are committed to sustainability and innovation. We are currently carrying out a series of tests on this new formaldehyde free binder. For us this is a significant step towards providing our customers with safer, more environmentally friendly insulation solutions in the future,” says Paolo Vaccari, CEO at Eurofibre.


Replacing fossils with a formaldehyde free solution

NeoLigno® is formaldehyde free and suitable for any type of mineral wool, like glass or stone wool. By replacing traditional binders with it, you will improve indoor air quality making it safer and better for people to work and live in. With NeoLigno® your insulation is safer to produce and safer to use – without compromising on quality.

NeoLigno® by Stora Enso is available in industrial scale and ready to be delivered across Europe in IBC and tanker truck. Read more about NeoLigno® and how it will revolutionise the building industry – and make the transition to bio-based adhesives easy and well worth your while.

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