Bridge: Middleware and cloud

RFID middleware and cloud – connect RFID devices to business apps

At Stora Enso, we want to help you build a bridge that spans the physical and digital on your digital transformation journey. With Bridge by Stora Enso, you’ll be able not only to connect systems with each other – but to bring items, brand owners and consumers closer together.

Secure all your RFID data flows and ensure reliable reading infrastructure with Bridge by Stora Enso. Bridge is an integrated software solution that gives you data collection, analysis and visualisation via the cloud.

RFID middleware

Bridge RFID Middleware is the software layer that sits between your RFID readers and business applications. This connection enables you to:

  • Manage your RFID devices
  • Collect and integrate RFID tag data
  • Structure and filter the data
  • Track and allocate RFID tag IDs
  • Aggregate and send data from cloud to enterprise software

Supported software standards

Bridge Middleware is future-proof, complying with GS1 EPCglobal® standards. It offers a wide range of support options for readers so you can design the best solution for your unique needs:

  • GS1 EPC
  • ALE for application-level XML events
  • LLRP/HLRP reader protocol
  • Open API, REST, OpenID, HTTPS

Bridge cloud platform

Bridge Cloud is your standardised single point of integration to a nearly endless variety of business and consumer applications. What you get is complete supply chain and inventory visibility in real time.

  • Built on Microsoft Azure for scalability and reliability, for small or large deployments
  • Supports multi-tenancy
  • Protects customer data using secure protocols to ensure encrypted communication between cloud and middleware
  • Built-in support for automated RFID reader provisioning, software version upgrades, monitoring of reader performance, management of remote configurations