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Lineo® by Stora Enso

Replacing fossil-based raw materials with Lineo® by Stora Enso

The world is moving away from fossil-based materials towards more sustainable solutions. Legislators, companies, and consumers are all looking for more environmentally friendly alternatives. But can all solutions which are currently fossil-based be replaced? Yes, we believe they can, and one solution is Lineo®.

Lineo® is made from lignin – one of the main building blocks of a tree. It is renewable and bio-based, and can be used as a responsible alternative to many fossil-based materials.

Today, Lineo® is used in a variety of applications, ranging from replacing phenol in resins for plywood, to developing bio-based and biodegradable polymers. It's even used to replace a part of the oil-based binder in asphalt.

By using nature’s own natural binder our customers can create new products that are more sustainable, have a lower carbon footprint, and that reduce dependence on fossil-based materials.

Superior material qualities

Lineo® is a high purity kraft lignin material with superior dispersibility and long storage time. Stora Enso’s new lignin granulation and packing plant started its operations in 2022. By providing lignin in granulated format, we are providing our customers a more efficient way of handling dry lignin and offer the possibility of delivering it in bulk. Overall, packaging and transporting lignin will now be easier and faster and it won’t require any additional equipment for our customers. 

Lineo® by Stora Enso is a product family of the grades Lineo®Prime and Lineo®Classic.

Buy lignin from a leader in sustainability

Lineo® is ideal for companies looking for sustainable alternatives to fossil-based products. Producing lignin does not require any additional tree-cutting. Instead, we are optimising the use of resources and finding new ways of using lignin and trees to their full potential.

Like all our products, Lineo is made from sustainably sourced wood.


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Lineo® by Stora Enso

Why choose Lineo® by Stora Enso

Key benefits

  • Eco-friendly and renewable material with traceable origin

  • Promotes optimised use of natural resources

  • Features batch-to-batch consistency, high dry content, superior dispersibility, long storage time

  • Benefits from a team of experts in the field of kraft lignin

  • A dedicated technical team that can provide extensive technical support in application development, from lab scale to industrial implementation


  • Phenol replacement for all industrial phenolic resin applications such as plywood, OSB, and impregnated paper

  • Productions of biodegradable polymers

  • Replacement of bitumen in asphalt

  • Dispersant for dyestuff manufacturing

How can I order and test Lineo®?

Lineo is available at industrial scale in big bags and we can also provide samples for testing purposes. Contact us now to discuss how Lineo® can make your products more eco-friendly.


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