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Whitepaper: 10 advantages of building with mass timber

Benefits of mass timber – 10 advantages of building with mass timber and the research to back it up 

If you’re reading this, you’re hopefully considering building with wood, and that makes us smile! 

To help you get on board with this incredible shift in construction, we’ve created a list of the top ten reasons to build with wood. This simple, straightforward guide answers the most common questions and makes that journey from “What if it was built with wood” to “Timber all the way!” easy. Each point is designed as an entry point for further inquiry to help you make informed decisions in an uncomplicated, easy-to-understand way. 

Download the whitepaper and get inspired!

Photo: Richard Chivers
Stora Enso partner: B&K Structures

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Cover photo of the whitepaper 10 advantages to build with mass timber
Convent (Las Salesas) Refurbishment, Pamplona

Wood boldly goes where no other material can – some of our favourite 2024 examples

Stora Enso’s Wood Products division recently held a competition looking for the examples of our partner’s building projects that could only be built with mass timber.

We received some truly impressive examples of how mass timber’s lightweight properties and precise factory-built elements are being leveraged to fill in even the hardest-to-reach spaces. 

The projects left us feeling incredibly hopeful about curbing urban sprawl and building sustainably, and we just had to share some of our favourites with you here.

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Photo: Madergia / © Pablo García Esparza 

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Reference Library

Wisdome Stockholm's wooden dome and roof structure
Photo: Focus Format | Gabriel Huber | Blumer Lehmann

Get inspired for your next project

In Stora Enso's Reference Library you can browse hundreds of projects to find inspiration and information about sustainable and cost-competitive mass timber construction.
Reference Library

Building Concepts

Building Concepts
Building Concepts

Find your concept

Understand better how to build with wood and find options feasible for wood construction. Building Concepts by Stora Enso leads the way in the wood industry by linking architectural guidelines to building systems. 
Building Concepts

Sylva Talks

Wooden elements of Katajanokan Laituri
Photo: Puurakentajat Group Oy

Introducing Sylva Talks!

Would you like to know more about how leading developers and architects are using easy-to-build kits to assemble buildings? Watch Sylva Talks, a series of short video interviews with industry experts.
Watch Sylva Talks

Sylva™ by Stora Enso

Sylva is Stora Enso’s range of prefabricated wood-based products for low-carbon buildings. The Sylva kit includes everything needed to create a modern, sustainable wood structure. Our custom-made elements optimise the use of sustainable wood to suit any application and requirement.

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