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Book papers

Captivate the mind and make a lasting impression with our range of coated and uncoated book papers

Reading is good for you! Studies show, however, that reading printed books may have significant advantages for long term recall of what you have read. People are more likely to absorb material that is on paper. For some, the choice of a printed book might also offer valuable offline moments.

We offer a wide range of papers for different reading experiences and various end uses from paperbacks to coffee table books. Stora Enso’s book paper offering ranges from uncoated mechanical to high end coated grades. The book paper grades are suitable for HSWO, CSWO, Cameron Belt Press and Sheet Fed offset printing. We are also able to offer different materials for book covers. All papers are fully recyclable.

Uncoated book paper offering

Novel – mechanical, bluewhite shade

Creamy – mechanical, creamy shade

Uncoated book papers

  • Widest uncoated mechanical and coated book paper portfolio on the market
  • Ideal for paperback books, but suitable for hard cover
  • Strategic importance within overall Stora Enso paper offering

Coated book paper offering

Vivid – coated mechanical, bluewhite shade

Classic – pigmentized mechanical, bluewhite shade

Lux – pigmentized mechanical, bluewhite shade

Lux Cream – pigmentized mechanical, creamy shade

Coated book papers

  • Only supplier having both coated mechanical and coated book papers available
  • Highly suitable for books with colour pictures
  • Ideal for hardcover books, but suitable for paperbacks
  • Strategic importance within overall Stora Enso paper offering


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