Flyo papers for retail printing is made from recycled fibre

Your recycled paper choice for retail print

The Flyo family by Stora Enso are smooth, machine-finished, uncoated mechanical papers based on 100% recycled fibre.

With the highest possible percentages of recycled and recovered fibres, the Flyo family make the perfect recycled choice for retail printing. They are high-gloss, machine-finished and with good printability for short shelf-life products. Its higher smoothness gives a more glossy impression of the printed image, and its better ink holdout results in more brilliant colours.

Products in the Flyo family:

FlyoPlus features an extra-smooth calendered surface. Its extra smoothness gives it great printability and gloss for short shelf-life products especially in retail environments.

FlyoBrite features enhanced whiteness and provides a great balance between brightness and smoothness, ensuring a glossy printed image and brilliant colours. Thanks to its lower bulk, you don’t need to transport as many reels and can save up to 20% in transport costs compared with fresh fibre alternatives.

FlyoPlus is available in a grammage range of 40-48.8 gsm. FlyoBrite is available in a grammage range of 40-52 gsm. For HSWO and rotogravure. Available as reels.

Key benefits

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    Made from 100% recycled fibre

  • 2

    Brilliant colours and good image reproduction due to better ink holdout property

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    Great printability for short shelf-life products

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    FlyoPlus features extra-high smoothness, giving a glossy impression of the printed image

  • 5

    Sustainably sourced and manufactured, with EU Ecolabel certification and FSC® and PEFC™ chain of custody certification

End-use areas and applications

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    Freesheets, manuals, specialty newspapers (FlyoPlus)

  • Made from 100% recycled fibre
  • Great printability for short shelf-life products
  • For flyers, supplements, leaflets, freesheets, manuals and specialty newspapers

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