CKB Carrier

Strong kraft back board for carrier multipacks

For food-safe packaging board that stands up to cold and wet environments, you can count on CKB Carrier.

CKB Carrier by Stora Enso makes the ideal choice for beer multipacks, food-safe packaging and other beverage, food and non-food packaging applications that require ultimate durability combined with excellent printability. CKB Carrier is a multilayer kraft back board featuring a white top side and a brown reverse side.

CKB Carrier offers increased tear resistance, bending stiffness, and impressive tensile and burst strength. These features provide the protection you need to meet the challenges of wet-strength food packaging. CKB Carrier is also suitable for heavy goods and large package sizes, and for food, non-food and carrier packs.

Carrying a strong brand message

CKB Carrier isn’t just great for carrying food and beverages – it carries your brand message, too, wherever the buyer goes.

CKB Carrier offers a smoothness and gloss that let you create a unique visual identity for your brand. Designed for multipacks, you can use it in eye-catching packs that are light, strong and easy to carry, open and recycle. Its surface smoothness contributes to good printability in both rotogravure and offset printing. And for a distinctive, natural look and feel, you can print on its brown reverse to use as the topside of your package.

Safety and sustainability

CKB Carrier exhibits great runnability during conversion. Yet one of the most important reasons to choose CKB Carrier is for its purity and proven food safety. And for the raw material we use 100% pure virgin fibre from responsibly managed forests with full traceability.

Why CKB Carrier

  • Specially developed for multipacks
  • Excellent wet and dry strength
  • Runnability and material efficiency

Key benefits and end uses

Key benefits

  • 1

    High tear strength, stacking strength and folding endurance make it a versatile, flexible design choice for cut-outs, handles and taps

  • 2

    A food-safe packaging material that supports packaging integrity in cold, wet conditions – great for beverage packaging

  • 3

    Coating provides a smooth, opaque surface for excellent printability and outstanding special effects, boosting brand appeal

  • 4

    Brown reverse gives a natural look and feel

  • 5

    Made of food-safe, pure, renewable virgin fibre

End use areas and applications

  • 1

    Dry, frozen and chilled food packaging

  • 2

    Wine and spirits packaging and beer multipacks

  • 3

    Chocolate and confectionery packaging

  • 4

    High-strength non-food packaging applications

  • 5

    Multipack packaging, carrier packs for food and drinks