Cupforma Dairy

The sustainable material for dairy packaging

When food safety, freshness and sustainability are at top of mind for your dairy packaging needs, Cupforma Dairy delivers.

Cupforma Dairy by Stora Enso is a specially developed dairy packaging material for milk and cream, cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, desserts and puddings, and butter, too. You can use it in chilled and frozen food packaging.

Cupforma Dairy is an uncoated SBS board made from virgin fibres featuring an advanced multilayer fibre construction. It helps you optimise taste and freshness, customer convenience and shelf life – and brand differentiation.

Fluid performance in both converting and end use

From point of manufacture to end user, dairy packaging requires great attention to product freshness and safety. It needs to protect against spoilage, tampering, light, high moisture and cold temperatures. And it’s got to deliver the natural taste that consumers expect.

Cupforma Dairy is food-safe, taste and odour neutral, and 100% recyclable, making it a great dairy packaging option for today’s environmentally conscious consumers. It offers excellent sealing properties with paper-based or other lid materials and efficient conversion to a variety of forms like cups and other space-efficient shapes. Its fluid, consistent performance from run to run helps you minimise downtime and waste, and maximise productivity, on high-speed filling and packing lines.

Barrier coating options to protect and preserve

Depending on the product use, Cupforma Dairy is available with different coatings with superior barrier properties to give you maximum versatility:

  • A two-sided PE coating, used for dairy products like yoghurt
  • A top PE coating with a multilayer high barrier on the reverse side, used for enhanced protection for dairy packaging and other chilled foods, including butter, as well as high resistance to moisture, oxygen and grease

While Cupforma Dairy paperboard offers great printability, strength, formability and convertibility, the right coating choice ensures optimal barrier and sealing properties. Cupforma Dairy gives you great opportunities to replace plastic packaging.

Cupforma Dairy is suitable for flexographic, offset and digital printing.

Why Cupforma Dairy

  • Specially developed for dairy cups
  • For the best safety and freshness
  • Formability and process efficiency

Key benefits and end uses

Key benefits

  • 1

    Specially developed for optimal protection for dairy products

  • 2

    High converting performance for minimum downtime and maximum production efficiency

  • 3

    Food-safe, and taint and odour neutral, with optimal barrier and sealing properties

  • 4

    Excellent printing surface for creating high-quality graphics and enhanced branding

  • 5

    100% recyclable paperboard made from renewable fibres; sustainably sourced and manufactured, with FSC® and PEFC™ certification on request

End use areas and applications

  • 1

    Dairy packaging cups for milk and creams

  • 2

    Chilled foods packaging cups for yoghurt, puddings and butter

  • 3

    Frozen foods packaging cups

  • 4

    Ice cream packaging cups