Cupforma Natura

Cupforma Natura paperboard for beverage cups – the natural choice

Cupforma Natura is the natural choice in high-quality paperboard designed for hot and cold beverage cups for people on the go.

A best-selling food service board, Cupforma Natura by Stora Enso is made from virgin fibres to offer the ultimate in purity and cleanliness. It is food-safe, taste and odour neutral, and 100% recyclable and renewable.

Cupforma Natura features an advanced three-layer fibre construction with CTMP in the middle layer, resulting in a lightweight yet stiff cupstock that’s easy to hold. This helps you save on transport costs, and puts a high performance product in your customers’ hands. And thanks to its smooth and consistent performance from run to run, you can minimise downtime and waste and maximise throughput on high-speed converting lines.

Barrier coating options for every taste

Stora Enso offers a wide range of choices for barrier coatings to protect contents – PE, PP, compostable biopolymer and high-barrier coatings. A new option is dispersion barrier, which comes without the traditional plastic coating layers and thereby provides maximum value in recycling. 

Cupforma Natura together with a one-sided polymer coating is ideal for coffee and other disposable drinking cups, and ice cream packaging cups. Use a two-sided polymer coating for cold drinks and soups or for chilled foods and ice cream. You can also use Cupforma Natura with a high-barrier coating for demanding applications like chocolate, liquid foods and even butter packaging. Without any coating, Cupforma Natura makes a great choice in double-wall cup sleeves for improved insulation for hot drink cups.

While Cupforma Natura paperboard offers excellent printability, strength, formability and convertibility, the right coating choice ensures optimal barrier and sealing properties. Cupforma Natura delivers excellent results in flexographic, offset and digital printing.

Recyclable, sustainably sourced and manufactured with certified processes and the best available techniques, Cupforma Natura provides a sustainable material for your beverage cups. FSC® and PEFC™ certification on request.

Why Cupforma Natura

  • Provides lightweight yet firm cups
  • High resistance to coffee edge-wicking
  • Formability and process efficiency

Barrier coating options

Coffee packaging
Barrier coatings

How do you choose a barrier coating?

That depends on what kind of product you pack and what kind of protection and performance is needed. Read more!

Key benefits and end uses

Key benefits

  • 1

    Run-to-run reliability for minimum downtime and maximum production efficiency

  • 2

    Wide range of grammages and coatings for use across a huge variety of cups and foods

  • 3

    Food-safe, and taint and odour neutral, with optimal barrier and sealing properties

  • 4

    Provides outstanding coffee edgewick holdout

  • 5

    Advanced multilayer construction for lightweight yet strong and functional product

End use areas and applications

  • 1

    Hot drink cups, cold drink cups, coffee to go

  • 2

    Sleeves for cups

  • 3

    Ice-cream packaging

  • 4

    Chilled foods packaging like soups, butter, liquid food

  • 5

    Chocolate, biscuits, snacks cups