Trayforma Special

Trayforma Special – Great design and better stiffness for foodservice trays and lids

Whether used in foodservice trays or lids, Trayforma Special paperboard helps products stand out on the shelf and in customers’ hands.

Trayforma Special by Stora Enso is a versatile pigment-coated paperboard that features extra stiffness and high runnability. It can be used in folded food service trays and pre-cut lids.

The board comes with a white PET coating on the reverse side, which provides it with good heat resistance while protecting it from humidity, oxygen and grease. This makes Trayforma Special PET ideal for the use in high temperatures. The food side of the packaging remains pure white even when exposed to high temperatures. Perfect for busy consumers taking advantage of today's range of convenience foods.

The wide printable area of a folded tray makes the perfect canvas for graphic designers to get creative and differentiate a brand. A great design, combined with the superb print results that Trayforma Special delivers, enhance product visibility for time-pressed shoppers. Trayforma Special makes an especially good choice for pre-cut lids, allowing for a wide variety of packaging and design combinations.

Like our other Trayforma products, Trayforma Special is made from renewable resources and is recyclable. This makes it an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic packaging material.

Trayforma features an advanced three-layer fibre construction with CTMP in the middle layer, resulting in a lightweight yet stiff paperboard that helps you save on transport costs. It comes with a pigment coating on the top side to enhance print results.

Why Trayforma Special

  • Replacing plastic and aluminium trays
  • Increased printability, oven use
  • Designed for folded trays and lids

Key benefits and end uses

Key benefits

  • 1

    Specially designed foodservice trays with a large printable area for innovative design and enhanced branding possibilities

  • 2

    Increased stiffness and runnability for high efficiency

  • 3

    Food-safe, taint and odour neutral

  • 4

    PET coating provides high heat resistance and protection against humidity, oxygen and grease

  • 5

    Sustainable, renewable packaging material for food, with FSC® and PEFC™ certification on request

End use areas and applications

  • 1

    Folded ovenable trays and non-ovenable trays

  • 2

    Pre-cut lids

  • 3

    Take-out packaging

  • 4

    Ready-meal packaging