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Sustainable liquid packaging board for sensitive items

Natura is the renewable, sustainable choice in liquid packaging board for sensitive items like dairy products and a wide variety of liquids.

Whatever the size and shape of your liquid packaging, Natura by Stora Enso can help it shape the future of sustainable packaging. Listed in the global Environmental Product Declaration (EPD®) system, Natura is a recyclable bleached board that is based on renewable fibres. Besides being environmentally friendly, it delivers the best in product protection, printing, converting and filling performance, and cost effectiveness.

Natura liquid packaging board features an advanced multilayer construction. Its two outer layers are made of bleached sulphate pulp, while the middle layer contains CTMP to provide the bulk and stiffness for improved yield and packaging performance. Natura has helped food and drink brands across the world to use fewer raw materials, less paperboard waste and lower package basis weights – in short, to save money compared with conventional board.

Safety first in beverage and food packaging

Like all Stora Enso liquid packaging boards, Natura boasts an exceptionally high standard of odour and taste neutrality. This makes it ideal for packaging sensitive food products, and keeping them fresh and untainted over their entire lifetime.

Natura liquid packaging boards are made of virgin fibre produced in a strictly controlled production environment. At Stora Enso, we have certified product and hygiene management systems at our production sites, so you can rest assured that Natura meets the toughest standards of quality and food safety.

Extensive range of protective barrier coatings

When combined with the right barrier, Natura serves a wide array of packaging applications – dairy products, milk, juice, soups, spices, water and yoghurt – as well as high-volume non-food products like liquid detergents and fabric softeners.

The Natura product family with barriers includes Natura, Natura 2PE, Natura Barr, Natura Duo, Natura Duo 2PE and Natura Platina.

Why Natura?

  • Natura is the bestseller in liquid packaging

Key benefits and end uses

Key benefits

  • 1

    Great printing, converting and high-speed filling capabilities

  • 2

    Made from wood, a renewable natural resource, and 100% recyclable

  • 3

    Allows for lower package weight, resulting in less material use and improved transport savings

  • 4

    US FDA and BfR approved for food contact; taint and odour neutral, with optimal barrier and sealing properties

  • 5

    FSC® and PEFC™ certification on request. Provides a combination of high material efficiency, low carbon footprint and excellent packaging performance.

End use areas and applications

  • 1

    Dairy products, milk, fruit juices, water

  • 2

    Tea, wine, spices, edible oils, syrups, desserts

  • 3

    Liquid food packaging, like soups and juice box wines

  • 4

    Detergents, fabric softeners