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An automated, unmanned, and always open retail experience.

Conventional retail is evolving and looking for new ways to serve consumers and improve profitability. With innovative, sustainable solutions, retail is driving convenience and efficiency all at once. Building on our deep expertise on IoT, Stora Enso offers a turnkey solution for automated and unmanned retail called Selfly Store by Stora Enso.

Selfly Store is a complete, easy to set up solution that enables companies to run their own unmanned self-service micro-stores at their chosen location. At the core of solution are Selfly Intelligent Cabinets by Stora Enso: RFID-enabled e-kiosks designed for on-the-go purchasing.

With Selfly Store, consumer convenience can be offered wherever customers are. The turnkey solution provides plenty of opportunities in various business settings ranging from single point-of-service with 1-2 cabinets in for example restaurants, offices, or fitness centers to complete unmanned convenience stores with dozens of cabinets.

Here is how it works

  • The Selfly Intelligent Cabinet is set up in operator's location, where it serves customer 24/7 without an increase in personnel costs.

  • After set up, consumers can buy multiple products at a time from the cabinet using easy, contactless payment options.

  • Real time inventory, purchase data and other advanced analytics inform of need to stock products or optimize selection based on location specific data.

  • Products are tagged with sustainable ECO RFID tags and encoded by operator or partner directly on site or in an assigned location using the encoding station specifically designed for this purpose.

  • Cabinet is easily and quickly refilled by operator or service partner.


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Welcome to visit our website with much more information about our solution for automated and unmanned retail called Selfly Store by Stora Enso.

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