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Cladding and decking products

Timeless beauty, dependable durability

Wood offers a unique combination of aesthetic, practical and environmental benefits like no other cladding and panelling material. Natural, lightweight and easy to install, each piece of wood is unique and lends a warm yet fresh look to any home or building. It’s no wonder that more and more builders – from construction companies and retailers are turning to wood for interior and exterior cladding.

Stora Enso offers you high-quality cladding and decking from carefully selected pine and spruce. Ideal for new builds or renovation projects, our products provide long-lasting facades and interiors.

Cladding and decking products are manufactured in Honkalahti, Finland. We are fully specialised in supplying DIY and professional outlets.


End use 

A wide range of uses for wood cladding and decking including:

  • Exterior and interior cladding
  • Wall and floor panels
  • Decking and garden furniture/fences
  • Saunas
  • Facades
  • Building sunshades

Key benefits

Key benefits of cladding and decking

  • Unique combination of protection, beauty and eco-friendliness in building design

  • Wide range of choices – natural, primed, finished and coloured

  • Ready to install, cost-effective, easy to repair

  • Low carbon footprint over the product’s life cycle – wood is a natural, renewable material


All our wood supply chains are covered by a wood traceability system that is third-party verified according to PEFC™, FSC® or both systems.

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