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Cladding and decking products

Timeless beauty, dependable durability

Wood offers a unique combination of aesthetic, practical and environmental benefits like no other cladding and panelling material. Natural, lightweight and easy to install, each piece of wood is unique and lends a warm yet fresh look to any home or building. It’s no wonder that more and more builders – from construction companies and retailers to DIY’ers – are turning to wood for interior and exterior cladding. 

Stora Enso offers you high-quality cladding and decking from carefully selected pine and spruce. Ideal for new builds or renovation projects, our products are quick to install and provide long-lasting facades and interiors. 

Cladding and decking products are manufactured in Näpi, Estonia, Honkalahti, Finland, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands – fully specialised in supplying DIY and professional outlets. 

Exterior cladding for sustainable facades and decking 

Exterior cladding in wood adds a warm, natural look and feel to a building. Choose natural, factory primed, or ready finished and painted panels from all colours on the exterior paint colour chart. To prolong durability and speed construction, priming will help protect the cladding panels from sunlight and moisture and provide an excellent adhesion surface for any top paint coat. 

As a renewable building material, wood is also reusable, recyclable and can be used as bioenergy at the end of the product life cycle. 

Interior cladding and wall panels

Bring a bit of nature into your space by using decorative wood panelling in fresh, inventive ways. Wood cladding can add interest, warmth and comfort to an interior space. It’s perfect for softening a more industrial design and giving it some character. Or, add some interest to a plain drywall wall or give the impression of a bigger and brighter room. 

Our wood interior cladding panels come uncoated or ready finished with wax or varnish. A popular treatment is a white wax varnish with water-based pigment content, which lets you leave the wood grains visible. This type of varnish lends strength and durability to the surface and helps to prevent resin build-up and a yellowish tone. 

Wooden flooring 

For attractive, elegant flooring that’s pleasant to the touch, you can’t beat genuine solid timber floorboards. Our floorboards are crafted from sustainably sourced, sound-knotted pine or spruce and feature beautiful grain patterns. This durable product balances indoor humidity and has natural sound insulation properties.

Key benefits of cladding and decking

  • Unique combination of protection, beauty and eco-friendliness in building design

  • Wide range of choices – natural, primed, finished and coloured

  • Ready to install, cost-effective, easy to repair

  • Low carbon footprint over the product’s life cycle – wood is a natural, renewable material


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