Wood-based wind turbines

Renewable materials make renewable energy

Photo: Modvion

Imagine if you could generate even more energy from every wind turbine? Well, with wood-based wind turbines you can. The equation for wind power is quite simple: the bigger the better. With wood, we can build them much higher than a standard wind turbine and reach the strong winds and energy swirling above our heads.

Since energy from fossil fuels is a major source of global emissions, replacing that energy with renewable alternatives is key. Wind energy is expected to be the largest source of energy in the EU in 2027.

More efficient. Less expensive.

Wooden wind turbines solve several challenges that metal can’t resolve. Metal turbines are heavy and difficult to transport.

But replace that metal with massive-engineered wood such as laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and the game changes. LVL is light and strong, even stronger than steel proportionate to its weight. It can arrive in modules which can be transported on public roads without permits or road reconstructions and built on-site instead of being transported as one giant object. This allows wooden wind turbines to be built higher, in more locations and with more flexibility.

Modular construction is not the only reason you can build higher. The reduced weight is critical here too. LVL is 55% stronger than steel per kilogram reducing tower weight considerably. LVL is also easier to shape, making it an efficient material to work with.

And on top of all of that, the cost is lower too when building taller towers. In fact the higher the tower the more cost-effective it is to build with wood, making it an economically sustainable option for the future also.

We need more energy but at a price, the planet can afford

A major advantage with a wooden wind turbine is that you replace non-renewable materials. The actual turbine now comes from sustainably managed forests and that means a much lower carbon footprint. Using wood, a widely available and renewable resource can reduce the CO₂ emissions for the tower by 90% while also storing carbon dioxide that has been taken up by trees during their growth. (Rise Research).

It’s a low-carbon alternative that can create low-carbon energy in a net-zero world.

What’s our role in all of this?

Stora Enso is proud to enter into a partnership with Modvion who, like us, strive to push boundaries and demonstrate the possibilities with wood. As one of the largest sawn wood producers and private forest owners in the world, we play an important role in the transformation towards a greener society. By contributing our expertise to Modvion we can further help make a difference in mitigating climate change and support the EU’s drive to increase renewable energy production.

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