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Similarly to many other international companies, Stora Enso prefers electronic invoices as the primary method of invoicing.

We encourage our suppliers to move from paper invoices to electronic invoices as it brings a number of advantages:

  • Faster Invoice process and more secure delivery of invoices;
  • Reduced environmental impact;
  • Reduced cost for enveloping, postage and mailing

For our Finnish and Swedish units we recommend using eInvoicing (in XML format) as it is the most automated and efficient method of invoicing. For other countries, we recommend using PDF invoice.

Please note that, paper invoices are not accepted in Stora Enso i.e. the postal address in eInvoicing and PDF invoicing companies list in the following page should not be used for sending any paper invoices.

General data

To ensure the timely processing of an invoice, kindly note the mandatory data that needs to be available on the invoice in this example: invoice reference data example PDF 

E-Invoicing (XML data)

E-invoice is the preferred way of receiving invoices in Stora Enso for Finland and Sweden. We have a partnership with CGI as our operator and we accept formats of Finvoice, TEAPSS, PEPPOL and Svefaktura.
More details about our operator number, unit addresses and OVT / GLN / VAT ID can be found here: GLN, OVT and VAT codes PDF

When sending e-invoices in XML format, we prefer receiving those on line level. See more detailed information here.

Detailed information for Sweden / Svefakturas/ PEPPOL: Getting started with electronic invoices to Stora Enso Sweden


If you are currently unable to send e-invoices in XML format, you should consider sending invoices in PDF format via e-mail.

Detailed instructions on how to send us PDF-invoices and which email address should be used can be found here: invoicing information PDF


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