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The success of our business strategy depends on our ability to attract, retain and grow the best talent in each and every area of our business – we want to be an employer of choice, offering leading development opportunities. We promote inclusion and diversity and are committed to ensuring a safe and equitable workplace for all.  

Our culture is based on our values, “Lead” and “Do what’s right”, which we expect our people to embrace and demonstrate through their actions and behaviour ensuring that, in everything we do, we drive customer value, perform our duties professionally, and allow space for innovation and creativity. We provide opportunities for all people to expand their knowledge and gain skills to grow to their full potential. The megatrends creating our business opportunities continuously create new development opportunities for our employees. Meanwhile, skills relating to areas such as sustainability, digitalisation and innovation are crucial to our future success.

 Diversity and inclusion

Stora Enso believes that a good workplace is one where everyone feels they are treated fairly and with respect, where their uniqueness is appreciated, and where they feel a sense of belonging and that their opinions matter. Stora Enso has zero tolerance for discrimination, harassment and bullying. This is crucial for us when we implement our strategy: diversity and inclusion are strong enablers of improved performance, collaboration and innovation. Increased diversity of thought is needed to develop our products for the challenges of tomorrow. Focusing on creating diverse teams allows us to gain access to a larger pool of talent.

Starting in 2022, we track how satisfied its employees are on the efforts to support diversity and inclusion as part of the global employee engagement survey. In 2022, the score was in the middle range compared to external benchmark. 

In 2022, an independent third party carried out a pay equity study covering all office workers at Stora Enso. The purpose of the study was to identify any unexplained gender pay gaps, for example, by employee´s work experience, performance, job grade or location. The results were at an average level compared to other industrial companies and showed that, for most part, the pay was concluded to be equal, however, some unexplained pay gaps were found. Both the annual merit-based pay increases and the short term incentive payments are equitable between genders. Actions to close the unexplained pay gaps will take place in 2023. Later on, we will expand the study to include production workers. Pay equity development will be monitored on annual basis and corrections made if necessary.

Safe working environment

Stora Enso's goal is to provide an accident-free workplace. Encouraging a company-wide safety culture means that everyone is responsible for making every workday healthy and safe – from our top management and throughout the company. Stora Enso's approach to safety extends to contractors, suppliers, and on-site visitors. We encourage everyone to give feedback and provide ideas on how to further improve safety. We also cooperate closely with our joint operations. Read more about our safety approach here.

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Human rights

Our commitment to respect human rights covers all our operations, including our employees, contractors, suppliers, and surrounding communities. 

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