Employees and wider workforce

We aspire to be an attractive employer and strive to provide safe and rewarding workplaces for our employees. 


Occupational health and safety

The Total Recordable Incident (TRI) rate is our group-level safety KPI. The new TRI milestone for 2020 is 4.7. In Q3/2020, our TRI rate was 6.4.

Our LTA and TRI trend 2015-2019

 Stora Enso's TRI and LTA rate 2015-19

Human resources

Stora Enso’s key performance indicator (KPI) for leadership, the Leadership Index, measures employee perceptions of their managers. The index is calculated based on our annual employee survey. Our target is to achieve an index of 85/100 by 2022. In 2019, the Leadership Index remained stable at 83. The response rate to our employee survey remained high at 86%.

How we work
Occupational health and safety

Stora Enso's goal is to provide an accident-free workplace. Encouraging a company-wide safety culture means that everyone is responsible for making every workday healthy and safe – from our top management and throughout the company.

Safety management at Stora Enso is based on international standards such as OHSAS 18001, but our processes go beyond these requirements. Responsibility for implementing each tool and programme in our units lies with line management, supported by local staff and OHS professionals.

Stora Enso's approach to safety extends to contractors, suppliers, and on-site visitors. We encourage everyone to give feedback and provide ideas on how to further improve safety. We also cooperate closely with our joint operations.

Human resources

Leadership is a top priority for Stora Enso, as it is the strongest driver for performance, wellbeing, and company culture. Improving the performance and engagement of our employees is another priority. We care for all our employees and are committed to fully respecting human rights throughout our operations. All Stora Enso units are expected to work systematically to ensure that employees are treated with respect and fairness.

Our policies

Opportunities and challenges

Stora Enso continues its transformation journey as the renewable materials company. Engaged and motivated employees in a capable organisation will enable us to deliver our business strategy. The development of capabilities in customer insight, innovation and operational efficiency, as well as the ability to utilise new technologies will be critical for our future success. We need to ensure we have competent and engaged employees and manage employee turnover and the demographic structure of our workforce in various markets. This will require careful workforce planning and responsible leadership. To be successful and to promote a safe working culture, we need to ensure we develop our leadership, organisation, competencies, and processes.


Group of peopleGroup of people

Human rights

Our commitment to respect human rights covers all our operations, including our employees, contractors, suppliers, and surrounding communities.