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Sustainable forest and plantation management is essential for Stora Enso in securing long-term availability of wood – our most important renewable raw material.
Stora Enso is one of the largest private forest owners in the world, with forest assets valued at EUR 8.7 billion (forest land and biological assets) in 2023. Globally, Stora Enso owns or leases land covering a total area of 2.02 million hectares. About 36% of our wood raw material needs are covered from our own sources and long-term supply agreements.

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BiodiversityArticle: Sustainable forest managementOur approach: Forests, plantations, and land useGreen bondsWood and fibre sourcing and land management policy
Biodiversity protection is an integral part of forest certification. Stora Enso promotes and participates in the development of forest certification systems. In 2023, 99% of land in wood production and harvesting owned and managed by Stora Enso was covered by forest certification schemes.

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