Our forest holdings

Sustainable forest and plantation management is essential for securing long-term availability of wood - our most important renewable raw material. As trees take many years or decades to mature, long-term forestry planning is essential.

Stora Enso has biological assets in Sweden, Finland, Brazil, Uruguay, China and Laos through its own subsidiaries, joint operations and indirectly through equity accounted investments. The biological assets consist of standing trees to be used as raw material in pulp and mechanical wood production and as biofuels.

In 2019 Stora Enso increased its forest holdings in Sweden from indirect share of 936 thousand hectares to direct ownership of 1.14 million hectares of productive forest land. The direct ownership of forests gives us better opportunities to further develop sustainable forest management. Well-managed forests and plantations can make entire ecosystems more resilient to negative impacts, and even benefit from the positive effects.Today, Stora Enso has forest assets valued at more than EUR 4.1 billion (land and biological assets) in its balance sheet, the highest value being of biological assets of EUR 3.6 billion among Nordic companies.


Map of forest holdings

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Biodiversity protection is an integral part of forest certification. Stora Enso promotes and participates in the development of forest certification systems. In 2018, 96% of land in wood production and harvesting owned and managed by Stora Enso was covered by forest certification schemes.

LocationAmount of productive forest landStanding stock, million m³ sub in 2018Harvesting, million m³ sub in 2018
Sweden1.14 million ha 79.3 3.1**
Share of Tornator223 200 ha* 24.6 1.2
Veracel plantations, Brazil43 700 ha* 2.9 1.7
Montes del Plata, Uruguay81 200 ha* 8.1 1.4
Guangxi, Southern China77 300 ha 6.4 1.1
Laos, leased trial plantation3 100 ha
Russia, leased land369 500 ha
* Stora Enso's share
** 2018 harvesting for 936 000 ha