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Accelerated growth and value

Stora Enso creates value in the bioeconomy with its renewable products, solving global sustainability challenges. We focus on meeting consumer demand for eco-friendly and circular solutions and we concentrate our efforts in innovation.

Stora Enso’s strategy is to focus on leading positions and accelerated growth in packaging, building solutions and the biomaterials innovation programme. The Group’s innovation initiatives will be concentrated in the areas of new sustainable packaging materials, sustainable barriers and the biochemical platform in lignin. Forest, traditional wood products and market pulp make up the foundation for value creation in Stora Enso.

Three focus areas for growth

  • Packaging Materials and Packaging Solutions, driven by high demand for plastic free and eco-friendly circular packaging. We hold leading market positions and see attractive investment options.
  • Building Solutions, within our Wood Products division, driven by a growing wooden buildings market. We offer alternatives to fossil-based construction material and are a leading global supplier.
  • Biomaterials innovation, where our agenda is focused on lignin, and targets strong growth in new applications and markets.

Packaging Materials & Solutions

  • High demand for plastic free and eco-friendly circular packaging
  • Leading market positions
  • Attractive investment options available

Significant growth potential with 20%+ margin

Majority of future company growth



Wood Products: Building Solutions

  • 10%+ annual growth
  • Leading global supplier
  • Potential to capture a larger share of the value chain

3x sales from Building Solutions with ~20% margin


Biomaterials Innovations

  • High growth end product markets
  • Uncontested sustainability position
  • Proprietary technologies and unique value propositions

35%+ margin in novel markets with strong growth

The foundation for value creation, and supporting the growth areas

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