Our strategy

Stora Enso is transforming from a traditional paper and board producer to a renewable materials growth company.

As experts in wood-based materials, Stora Enso’s transformation into a renewable materials growth company is a proactive step in responding to global trends, the needs of customers and expectations of our stakeholders. Stora Enso has an important role to play in the transition towards a bioeconomy.

Sustainable profitable growth

Our strategy for transformation is about sustainable profitable growth based on customer insight and innovation, supported by structured processes and motivated employees for a winning formula. Important building blocks in our strategy include fibre-based packaging, innovation in biomass and chemicals, and sustainable building solutions.

Customer and innovation focus

Driving our future, Stora Enso strives to make the best use of our experience and know-how in the development of products and technologies based on renewable materials, which can replace fossil-based materials. A strong customer focus and new innovation approaches will enable us to respond to the trends and customer demand with new and better solutions.

Empowered workforce

Turning our competence in forest-based materials into customer advantage, people are our most important asset. We promote diversity of thought, openness and knowledge sharing. A workforce that mirrors the markets in which we operate helps to make us more competitive and innovative.

Sustainability in everything

Inherent in our strategy, we work to assure the sustainability of every solution. This includes promoting sustainable forest management and continuous efforts to incorporate safe processes and improve energy, material and water efficiency. Through our Sustainability Agenda, we aim is to ensure a positive total contribution to society.


Did you know?

Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and carbon stays in the tree fibres when they are made into products. Choosing wood-based renewable solutions means you are contributing to the fight against global warming.