Sawn timber mill

Gruvön Mill

Gruvön Sawmill in western Sweden produces sawn timber, processed timber, pellets and made to order products primarily for construction. 

The raw material for the sawmill includes pine and spruce logs locally sourced from Stora Enso’s significant local land holdings.

Key facts

  • Stora Enso Division: Wood Products
  • Country: Sweden
  • Products: sawn timber, processed timber and pellets
  • Annual capacity: 370 000 m3 (sawn timber), 150 000 m3 (processed timber), 80 000 m3 (CLT) and 100 000 tonnes (pellets)
  • Number of employees: 235
  • Founded: 1890


Gruvön Sawmill
Timmervägen 2
664 33 Grums


+46 10 463 91 00

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Biodiversity protection is an integral part of forest certification. Stora Enso promotes and participates in the development of forest certification systems. In 2018, 96% of land in wood production and harvesting owned and managed by Stora Enso was covered by forest certification schemes.

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