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Sawn and planed wood

Rough sawn or planed wood for structural or decorative uses 

For your next project in wood, turn to Stora Enso for an extensive range of high-quality rough sawn, structural or planed wood. We offer a huge variety of dimensions and lengths, and can cut and plane to your exact requirements. 

We supply strong, workable and beautiful whitewood and redwood products in various qualities and cut to specific lengths according to customer needs. Across the world, we are a trusted supplier of high-quality, renewable raw materials for the construction, packaging, joinery and furniture industries. Like all our wood products, our classic sawn wood products come with the highest environmental credentials so that you can build greener.

Stora Enso has a wide product portfolio across the network of mills, with integrated manufacturing concepts and selected value add products. Our sawmills utilise the most modern technology and select the best raw material for each end use – reducing handling costs and raw material waste. Processes are designed for different customer needs and they are continuously improved. This way, you are sure to get a reliable delivery and all-round high quality. 

From traditional construction to visually demanding decorative uses 

Or classic sawn wood segment focuses to serve industrial integrators, merchants and DIY retailers, as well as wholesalers and trading houses. We supply a wide range of sawn and planed wood to choose from: rough, strength graded or planed sawn goods. Uses include: 

  • General construction (both new build and renovation) 
  • Joinery 
  • Cladding and decking 
  • Furniture 
  • Packaging 

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