Structural timber

Strength Graded Timber—natural building materials for structural applications

Around the world, developers, retailers, and manufacturers choose Stora Enso's premium structural timber from our slowly grown bio-diverse forests. Our extensive portfolio supports commercial, residential, educational, and industrial projects and includes CLS and TR26 timber, with award-winning results.

As a leading supplier, with 18 production units across Europe and an extensive global distribution network, we offer the opportunity to access stock and buy online through our MySupply portal. We consistently deliver sustainable top-grade raw materials with the highest mechanical strength values and aesthetics cut to nearly any specification, including C35 and C40.

We use the latest grading technology to sort our timber into standardized classes, so selecting the best raw material with minimal handling costs and waste is easy. When building load-bearing structures, our expert grading also provides a highly accurate basis for choosing the most suitable wood based on strength, rigidity, and appearance that can also be cut to light to no-wane specifications.

Key benefits

Key benefits of structural timber

  • Highly accurate size tolerances, flexible sizes and lengths

  • Superior form, stability and surfacing

  • Consistent and uniform high quality

  • High environmental standards

  • Utilisation of the latest technology and high-quality raw material

  • Extensive global and local expertise using wood as a load-bearing construction material

End use

  • Load-bearing structures
  • Wood frame houses
  • Commercial, residential, educational, and industrial applications
  • Retailers
  • Truss and wall panel manufacturers
  • Home Improvement Centres


Technical product data

CLS items used in USA

2” (38 mm) Thickness
Widths 3”–12” (solid), 6” and 8” (FJ)
Lengths 6’–16’ (solid), 26’–36’ (FJ)
Spruce and pine Wood species
Moisture content 12% ± 2%
No2 and MSR grades Grades
Produced in Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland

Framings for Australia

Thickness 35, 45 mm
70, 90, up to 190 mm Widths
2.4–6.0 m Lengths
Spruce and pine Wood species
Moisture content 12% ± 2%
Grades F5, F8, MGP10, MGP12
Produced in Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden

Hagarazai Japan by Stora Enso

15–45 mm Thickness
Widths 40-120 mm
Lengths 2.7–3.985 m
Wood species Spruce
Planed Surface
Moisture content 18% ± 2%
Grades A, B
Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Netherlands Produced in

CLS Japan by Stora Enso

Thickness 38 mm
89, 140, 184, 235 mm Widths
Lengths 1.830–3.985 m
Spruce Wood species
Surface Planed
18% ± 2% Moisture content
Grades A, B, JAS 2
Czech Republic                                                           Produced in

CLS/SCANTS UK by Stora Enso

38/42/45 mm Thickness
Widths 69/89/94/140 mm
2.4–4.8 m Lengths
Spruce Wood species
Planed Surface
Moisture content 18% ± 2%
C16 and B Grades
Produced in Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Sweden

TR26 UK by Stora Enso

Thickness 46,5 mm

72/97/122/147/197/222/247 mm


Wood species Spruce
Planed Surface
18% ± 2% Moisture content
TR26 Grades
Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Sweden Produced in

C24/C18 for European market

45 or 60 mm Thickness
Widths 70/95/120/145/170/195/220/245 mm
Falling length 3.0–6.0 m Lengths
Wood species Spruce or pine
Surface Planed and rough sawn (C-class)
18% ± 2% Moisture content
Grades Mainly C24, C18, but even C30, C35 and C40
Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands Produced in


All our wood supply chains are covered by a wood traceability system that is third-party verified according to PEFC, FSC®, ISO 14001 and are CE marked as they meet all European health, safety, and environmental protection standards. We ensure that the forests we harvest are duly regenerated.

More on sustainability

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Image gallery

Vivola house Vantaa, Finland
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Year: 2015, Architect: Arkkitehtitoimisto Tapani Takkunen and Arto Lepp nen Oy, Partner: Vivola Oy
Sawn and planed wood by Stora Enso
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