Varkaus Mill

Varkaus Mill in eastern Finland produces containerboard.

Key facts

  • Stora Enso Division: Packaging Materials
  • Country: Finland
  • Products: containerboard and pulp
  • Annual capacity: 390 000 tonnes (containerboard), 310 000 tonnes (pulp)
  • Number of employees: 307
  • Founded: 1834 (as a sawmill)


Varkaus Containerboard Mill
P.O. Box 169 
Satakunnankatu 10 
FI-78201 Varkaus



Containerboard Mill
+358 204 61 20


Biodiversity protection is an integral part of forest certification. Stora Enso promotes and participates in the development of forest certification systems. In 2018, 96% of land in wood production and harvesting owned and managed by Stora Enso was covered by forest certification schemes.