Climate-friendly packaging for the fish industry

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​The EcoFishBox is one of Stora Enso’s product novelties. It was developed at our DesignStudio in Lahti, for the fish industry.

“The EcoFishBox is used for packing fish for shipment to shops and restaurants. It is waterproof and leak tight, due to a thin PET-film that is pre-laminated on the liner as well as a special way of folding the package,” explains Sales Development Manager Vesa Penttinen. “We have pilot projects ongoing with customers, and have received very positive feedback from the retailers. Fish packing is quite a large global business, but they haven’t used much fibre-based packaging before,” he continues.

Delivered as a flat corrugated board sheet, the EcoFishBox takes up seven times less space in storage and transport than the traditional polystyrene fish box. The box can be formed by hand or by machine, and there is the possibility to print customer-specific images on the box. Naturally, the material is recyclable, so it also brings savings in packaging waste handling.