EcoFishBox enabling climate-friendly switch for fish packaging companies

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Stora Enso’s eco-friendly product for fresh fish packaging, EcoFishBox, continues to gain traction in the Nordic market. The latest company to make the switch from EPS packaging (expanded polystyrene) to EcoFishBox™ is Finnish fish packaging company Tuomaan Kalatukku.

The company, which packages around one thousand tonnes of fish per year, has made the move from plastics to the award-winning corrugated board solution. The driver was to minimise use of fossil-based materials but also to save on storage space and cost.

“The environmental friendliness of the packaging was a key selection criterion for us, along with cost and transport benefits” says Tuomaan Kalatukku’s CEO Jari Tainio. “With a corrugated packaging solution our customers, the fish resellers, can recycle the easily-flattened EcoFishBox along with their waste cardboard, which also saves on waste processing costs.”

“We are pleased to have yet another customer onboard that recognizes the benefits of phasing out less environmental-friendly packaging materials in favour of wood-fibre based products,” says Vesa Penttinen, Business Development Manager, Stora Enso Packaging Solutions. “Our EcoFishBox concept offers the fish industry a cost-effective means to reduce the use of plastics while also ensuring high food hygiene standards.”

The leak-tight EcoFishBox is delivered as flat sheets on a pallet and the boxes are raised by an erecting machine, or by hand, thus facilitating up to an 85% saving on storage space.

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