7 highlights for FachPack 2019

Published 17 September 2019
At FachPack 2019, Stora Enso will be focusing on climate-friendly food service and food packaging. We listed seven highlights for your visit on Stora Enso’s stand 9-361.

#1 Ice cream in fully renewable cups

At FachPack 2019, we will be serving ice cream at our stand in fully renewable cups made from our Cupforma Special™ PE Green barrier board. Like many other food packaging applications, ice cream packaging must have a leakproof barrier. PE Green is unique as it is fully made from renewable, plant-based raw material. It works like traditional PE coating but is completely fossil-free. That’s why our PE Green coated board offers an easy way for food service companies to become more sustainable and offer more eco-friendly choices to consumers. Make your packaging 100% renewable and recyclable with PE Green.

#2 Food trays with 90% less plastic

At our stand, you can also enjoy salad served in a paperboard container made of Trayforma™ by Stora Enso. Trayforma is a board specially designed for folded and pressed trays, used for packaging chilled and frozen foods. Microwavable and ovenable trays provide convenience for today’s busy consumers – from freezer, to oven, to table. A PET coating is required on top of the board to withstand heating, but the paperboard tray still contains about 90% less fossil material than a plastic tray.

#3 Utensils made of biocomposite

Pay attention to the spoons, knives and forks you are using when snacking at our stand. The utensils are made from our biocomposite, DuraSense® by Stora Enso, which is a blend of wood fibres and polymers. With DuraSense, the consumption of plastic materials can be reduced by up to 50%. DuraSense can be easily moulded on existing machine lines, and with little or no change to existing production, the biocomposite material can match conventional plastics. It also offers customers a more eco-friendly alternative to plastics and contributes to a lower carbon footprint.

#4 Coffee cups designed for effective recycling

Stora Enso has recently introduced a new paperboard material for hot and cold drinking cups and ice cream packaging. Cupforma Natura™ by Stora Enso with a dispersion barrier is produced without a traditional plastic coating layer and designed for full fibre recovery in a recycling process. Besides meeting consumer demands for sustainable food service, the innovative material can increase the value of used cups in recycling, as the barrier breaks down in a recycling process, and all of the fibres can be utilized.

#5 The ideal foodbox

Foodbox™ by Stora Enso board provides a natural look and feel for your packaging. Its taste and odour neutrality makes it good for various food packaging applications, even in chilled and frozen conditions. At FachPack, we will be serving pastries in cartons made of Foodbox. You can also enjoy a sandwich on a sleek Foodbox tray, designed to fit your hand while you are mingling in the crowd. A simple solution that does its job, looks great and is easy to dispose of through carton recycling.

#6 Corrugated fruit basket

A carrier pack for fruits or berries, this corrugated package protects its content effectively and can be used all the way from the farmer to the consumer. It works as a display in store, has good printability for brand communications and can be collapsed to save space. Made from virgin fibre-based, food-safe and light-weight AvantKraft Brown™ kraftliner and AvantFlute SC™ fluting by Stora Enso, the package is fully renewable, reusable and recyclable.

#7 Something to take home…

When you visit Stora Enso’s stand 9-361, you won’t be leaving with empty hands. There will be something special for everyone to take home – a little gift of renewability.

Are you feeling hungry yet? These are just a few examples of all the renewable solutions that we will be showcasing at FachPack 2019. See you there!