Great success in European Carton Excellence Awards 2019

Published 23 September 2019
The European Carton Excellence Awards were granted in Malta on the 19th September 2019. It was a great success for Stora Enso and our customers, who won three out of four Special Awards plus four Gold Awards, using our Ensocoat™, Tambrite™, CKB™ and Cupforma™ boards. Warm congratulations to the winners!

A double winner was a cosmetics packaging for Swissgetal, which won both the Public Award and a Gold Award granted by the jury. The package is manufactured by Omaks Packaging from Ensocoat 2S™ by Stora Enso. The aim was to apply a simple design based on the dazzling whiteness of Ensocoat and a complex inlay structure that keeps the contents in place; the ampoules, spray bottle and face masks. The box is practical for consumers to use, and instead of a plastic tray and separators, the package features a unique carton inlay.

Save the Planet award was granted to BalloonGrip™, an eco-friendly balloon stick made of CKB™ by Stora Enso. The material of the balloon holder needs to be tear resistant and strong to avoid bending when used by children. The BalloonGrip consists of two layers of CKB laminated and combined with special debossing to reinforce the holder. Besides replacing plastic balloon sticks with a renewable option, the printability of the material makes it ideal for sales promotions with brand messages. The manufacturer is Van Genechten Packaging.

Innovations Award Material was granted to Cuckoo ice cream packaging. This premium sundae pack is made Cardbox Packaging from biodegradable board Cupforma Special Bio™ by Stora Enso. After use it can be disposed of with organic waste that goes to industrial composting. Consumers can enjoy the ice cream with a clear conscience. “This could be a real game changer as the pack is made of a bio-coated cartonboard which also has a lovely soft touch feel, not often seen in the ice cream category. It is compostable due to the materials used,” the jury said.

Nestlé Pic-a-Pac Variety Cube for cereals won a Gold Award. It is manufactured by Graphic Packaging International, using Tambrite™ by Stora Enso. Nestlé wanted to create a convenient, out of home pack to stand out in the cluttered cereal aisle, improve functionality, convenience and quality for consumers as well as focus on environmental aspects such as recyclability. The carton cube features a bag-in-box concept that allows consumers to eat the cereal directly from the box as the bag inside allows milk to be added directly to the cereal.

Webecos cosmetics packaging was also granted with a Gold Award. The luxurious promotional box holding seven products and a magazine is entirely made of Ensocoat 2S™ by Stora Enso and manufactured by Intergrafipak. Webecos wanted to have the natural look and feel of a carton board with soft touch varnish for the high-class gift set to give their customers.

Yet another Gold Award was granted to Carte d’Or ice cream from Unilever, packed in a renewable and compostable bowl and lid manufactured by Seda Italy from Cupforma Natura 2Bio™ by Stora Enso. It replaces a plastic container made from polypropylene, saving 520 tons of plastic per year. The paperboard package is also 23% lighter in weight and its embossing underlines the natural, premium brand.