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Efficient, sustainable packaging process with seedlings in corrugated cardboard

Our journey towards a sustainable future starts already at the plant nursery. With an efficient packaging process and sustainable packaging that replaces plastic, we contribute to lower environmental impact. One example is the installation of our automated packaging system at the Stora Enso nursery in Sör Amsberg.

Fast, efficient packaging process with automation

Automated packaging systems customised to your business open up new opportunities, such as savings in production time, environmental consideration, and lower costs. With our automation and packaging solutions, we can tailor and optimise the packaging process in line with your production.

See the entire video about how we helped Stora Enso’s nursery to streamline its packaging process.

Customer requirements: 

  • Fast packaging of seedlings
  • Efficiently and optimised to reduce waste in the packaging process
  • A safer machine for operator to handle

The result was a fully automated machine that increases production speeds, where the operator can adjust the grab height to the size of the seedling, during operation. The machine is also equipped with a closed system which makes it both safe and ergonomic for the operator to use. A machine with efficient, automated packing that allows the company to grow in the future. 


The machine boasts the following features:

  • Ergonomic loading and an easily adjustable magazine
  • Ability to adjust the grab height during operation, and also the number of rows picked
  • A safer, closed system which makes it easy for operators to work with and handle the machine
  • More efficient packing
  • Less wasteas handling of the seedlings in the packaging process is optimised

The machine is currently suitable for box heights of 200–300 mm. To future-proof the investment and make it possible to pack larger seedlings, this machine can also pack seedlings with box heights of up to 400 mm. In connection with this project, we have also developed a special corrugated cardboard box that’s moisture resistant, with waterproof glue to replace the previous stapled box, thus increasing the customer’s environmental responsibility from packing to planting.