Safeguarding biodiversity in Uruguay

Published 24 April 2020
Montes del Plata, Stora Enso’s 50/50 joint operation in Uruguay, provides our production units with eucalyptus pulp, a renewable raw material. It runs a pulp mill in Punta Pereira in the southwestern part of the country, while its eucalyptus plantations are mainly located in central and northwestern Uruguay.
Protecting the environment and biodiversity is a top priority for Montes del Plata. See below some of the efforts the company has taken over the years. For more information about how Stora Enso protects biodiversity around the world, visit this page.
Preserving local biodiversity and culture
Santo Domingo
Preserving a local caiman species
Tres Árboles
Local communities and the environment benefitting from beekeeping
A centre for nature education
Returning peccaries into their natural habitat
Natural grasslands
Yellow cardinal monitoring