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How Ensocoat delivers a smooth experience for an iconic brand

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Luxury group LVMH has a long heritage of delivering products that come with memorable unboxing experiences. By choosing Ensocoat by Stora Enso for the packaging of Givenchy’s new fragrance, LVMH ensured that every aspect of the product, in terms of appearance, stiffness and haptic quality, would meet the highest standards.

Givenchy Gentleman Society is a new fragrance that is inspired by Maison Givenchy’s renowned couture range. To reflect the brand’s identity, the fragrance packaging incorporates Givenchy’s distinctive 4G logo, both on the outer packaging and the bottle itself. Implementing the logo on the outer packaging was part of the technical challenge for Nortier, LVMH’s converter partner. The chosen design features a gleaming silver metal backing that enhances the visual impact of the logo. The logo was also embossed to provide a tactile sensation to improve the overall sensory experience of this luxury product packaging made from renewable wood fibers. The outcome? A packaging solution that achieves a visually striking and haptically pleasing effect. 

“The silver metal backing requires an even and near-flawless smoothness for the selected packaging material,” says Frederic Voltz, Converter Supporter Manager at Stora Enso. “The shiny reflective surface of the silver backing shows any minor blemish. Only the very smoothest material will do—fortunately, Nortier was able to recommend Ensocoat.”

The choice of Ensocoat with a one-sided coating provides excellent surface feel and smoothness on the coated side. The exceptional smoothness extends to its reverse side, making it ideal for printing a black even print. This helps ensure that the brand identity can be demonstrated on every available area of the packaging, enhancing visibility and recognition. 

We are proud of our strong, long-term relationship with LVMH and consistently deliver on their high expectations for premium packaging quality,” states Yousra Gherairi, Global Account Manager at Stora Enso. “It was a significant advantage for LVMH that we were able to meet requirements on schedule and deliver the quantities needed, despite the industry supply challenges faced in 2022.”

“We are delighted to showcase Ensocoat’s ability to deliver this standard of product and look forward to doing so many more times in the future,” continues Yousra Gherairi. “We have built trust over the years, both with LVMH and Nortier, thanks to Ensocoat’s outstanding quality in terms of smoothness and superior folding performance.”

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"Only the very smoothest material will do—fortunately, Nortier was able to recommend Ensocoat."

Frederic Voltz

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