NeoFiber® by Stora Enso

NeoFiber® by Stora Enso

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NeoFiber® by Stora Enso, a renewable carbon fiber made from cellulose and lignin

Companies today are committing to a more eco-friendly agenda. Despite this, all carbon fibers currently on the market are made from fossil-based materials, mainly from the precursor fiber polyacrylonitrile (PAN).

The conversion process of PAN to carbon fiber is highly energy demanding. This combination of oil-based raw material and significant energy demand, leads to an end-product with a high carbon footprint. Additionally, the conventional thermal conversion process is difficult to control and produces toxic gases – meaning that rigorous safety measures are required.

What if carbon fiber could be made from a bio-based material with a low climate impact, without compromising on technical performance? At Stora Enso, we’re developing a solution for just that. Our proprietary technology enables a carbon fiber entirely made from two wood components – cellulose and lignin. This renewable, fossil-free carbon fiber is a greener solution which has a variety of qualities to help making your brand more eco-friendly at its core. 


NeoFiber® by Stora Enso is:

NeoFiber® by Stora Enso

A high-performing carbon fiber made fully from wood raw materials

Carbon fiber composites offer outstanding mechanical performance at low weight, and the demand for them has seen an annual growth rate of 10%. Carbon fiber is used in numerous composite applications where high strength and stiffness coupled with low weight is required, resulting in a variety of end-use possibilities.

NeoFiber® by Stora Enso - a high-performing carbon fiber made fully from wood raw materials
NeoFiber, bio-based carbon fiber

A game changer – NeoFiber® by Stora Enso 

Our ambition is that NeoFiber® shall be a bio-based, cost-competitive standard modulus and high modulus carbon fiber with the lowest carbon footprint on the market. It will contribute to making the composite materials sector more sustainable, without compromising on mechanical performance.

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Innovations don’t happen in solitude, and partnerships are an excellent way of developing and commercialising products. Contact us now and be at the forefront of developing sustainable carbon fiber.


Why choose our carbon fibers?

  • Bio-based

  • Low carbon footprint

  • Cost-competitive

  • High-performing

  • Substantial reduction of toxic gases

End-use possibilities

  • Wind energy rotor blade reinforcement

  • Airplane construction

  • Automotive construction

  • Sporting goods

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