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Stora Enso Unbleached Kraft Pulp

Unbleached Kraft Pulp (UKP) by Stora Enso

Unbleached kraft pulp (UKP) by Stora Enso – an all-natural alternative

Consumers are looking for products that enable them to lead more eco-friendly lives. They want to minimise waste, their carbon footprint and reduce their use of plastic. Strong brands can meet these demands and prove to consumers their ambitions and progress towards a circular economy. Consumers also want products with less chemicals, more natural products.

As consumption habits change and online retail grows, several companies are looking for ways to replace fossil-based materials with renewable solutions for instance in packaging. Stora Enso’s Unbleached Kraft Pulp is perfect for applications that require strength, stability and value a more natural alternative.

Stora Enso’s Unbleached Kraft Pulp (UKP) is:

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Stora Enso produces UKP as market pulp in two mills: Oulu and Varkaus mills in Finland. Having two mills producing UKP market pulp increases capacity, flexibility and stability in pulp supply to our customers. Oulu Mill has its own seaport and shipping line. Varkaus Mill has a direct shipping connection to the largest seaport in Finland. Stora Enso services UKP customers in all product segments globally. We always strive to search for the best logistics solution; the most efficient and with the lowest carbon footprint.

Stora Enso’s annual UKP market pulp capacity will be 200 000 tonnes once Oulu Mill has completed its production conversion (end of 2020). We will be the fourth biggest UKP market pulp producer, as most of the UKP production in the world is integrated directly to producers’ own board production.

Oulu MillVarkaus Mill

Environmentally conscious consumers today are interested in products that are natural and brown. Our UKP is a perfect choice. No bleaching, just nature.

Key benefits

  • Fossil-free, more natural alternative

  • Made from a renewable raw material

  • Available with FSC® and PEFC™ chain-of-custody certificates

  • Suitable for food contact (ISO 22000)

  • Stable and flexible pulp supply

End-use applications

  • Packaging

  • Corrugated board

  • Liners

  • Kraft papers (wrappings, sacks)

  • Specialty papers (filters, vacuums, electric paper, laminates)

Going more natural, one customer at a time

Stora Enso has extensive experience in providing UKP to specialty paper and packaging customers, as well as to various service providers. Over the years, many of our customers have praised our UKP pulp for its great strength properties, quality consistency and our supply reliability.

Our dedicated sales team supports UKP customers by providing technical service, market insights and general sales administration support. Through our cooperation with customers, we aim to continuously improve and achieve a win-win model highly based on open and transparent communication.

Latest news

Certified wood from sustainably managed forests

Stora Enso’s UKP is made of pine and spruce that come from sustainably managed Nordic forests. It is available with both FSC® and PEFC™ chain-of-custody certificates upon request. They guarantee that Stora Enso’s UKP complies with the highest environmental and social standards on the market.

Sustainable forest management help us secure the long-term availability of wood – our renewable raw material. We always ensure that the forests we harvest wood from are regenerated. We also know the origin of all the wood we use: 100% comes from sustainable sources.

Read more about Stora Enso’s sustainable forest management here.

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