Oulu Mill

The Oulu Mill in northern Finland produces wood-free coated paper and bleached softwood pulp.

The mill includes  pulp production, two paper production lines and sheeting facilities.

Key facts

  • Stora Enso Division: Paper
  • Country: Finland
  • Products: wood-free coated paper and fully bleached softwood pulp
  • Annual capacity: 1 080 million tonnes (paper) and 360 000 (pulp)
  • Number of employees: 600
  • Founded: 1935 


Oulu Mill
P.O.Box 196
FI-90101 Oulu


+358 204 61 24
Fax. +358 204 63 39 99


What is a renewable material?

It’s a material that will not run out – such as trees, which can be planted and re-grown. Products made from wood contribute to a circular and more sustainable world.