Oulu mill

Oulu Mill

The Oulu Mill in northern Finland is being converted for kraftliner prodution by end of 2020. After conversion mill will produce virgin fibre kraftliner and unbleached softwood pulp.

The integrate includes wood handling pulp production, kraftliner production line and harbour operations.

Key facts

  • Stora Enso Division: Packaging Materials
  • Country: Finland
  • Products: AvantForte kraftiner and unbleached softwood pulp
  • Annual capacity: 450 000 tonnes (kraftliner) and 550 000 (pulp)
  • Number of employees in the mill site: 400
  • Founded: 1935 


Oulu Mill
Paperitehtaantie 1/ Nuottasaarentie 17
P.O.Box 196
FI-90101 Oulu


+358 204 61 24
Fax. +358 204 63 39 99

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What is a renewable material?

It’s a material that will not run out – such as trees, which can be planted and re-grown. Products made from wood contribute to a circular and more sustainable world.

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