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AvantForte WhiteTop™ by Stora Enso

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AvantForte WhiteTop

A 3-layer, OBA-free, 100% virgin fiber kraftliner that combines printability with toughness.

There is much beauty in Nordic nature, but it takes toughness to survive such extreme conditions. That is why fibers grown in harsh, snowy surroundings become strong by nature – they gain the ability to stand up to the elements beautifully. Now Stora Enso has turned that strength and beauty into a kraftliner capable of tackling the most challenging requirements set for today’s packaging.

AvantForte WhiteTop harnesses the forces of nature to combine printability with toughness. With a top layer of fibers as white as snow, and a strong structure utilising Nordic fibers as powerful as a blizzard, this containerboard material never fails to differentiate and deliver.

Perfect your corrugated packaging now and expand your business into new demanding and more premium segments with AvantForte WhiteTop by Stora Enso.

Technical specifications

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The best way to understand AvantForte WhiteTop’s top-notch quality is to see it for yourself.

AvantForte WhiteTop samples are now available. To receive yours, click the button below to fill out a sample request form. Our local sales representative will then contact you to discuss your sample needs and sample delivery in more detail.

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Expand into more demanding segments

Strength from Nordic nature

Strength from Nordic nature

AvantForte WhiteTop has a three-layer structure with 100% virgin fibers that makes it strong and light at the same time. With a wide range of grammages you can cut down on the weight and emissions of your packaging, without compromising performance.

The perfect white to print on

The perfect white to print on

AvantForte WhiteTop has an evenly smooth and bright surface that reduces ink consumption and allows for premium printing and brand differentiation. The three-layer structure also guarantees excellent bending stiffness that reduces defects such as washboarding.

Naturally suitable for food safety

Naturally suitable for food safety

Thanks to natural virgin fibers, AvantForte WhiteTop’s purity is ideal for packing sensitive foods. The material is naturally white and OBA-free, without any excess chemicals. That makes it especially safe for fresh produce and other delicate goods.

Sustainable packaging material

Sustainable packaging material

AvantForte WhiteTop is completely natural, fully renewable and recyclable, and sourced from sustainably managed forests – truly an eco-friendly packaging material. It is also plastic free, and a great alternative to fossil-based solutions thanks to its toughness.


Stronger with Tri-Ply™ technology

Single and two-ply kraftliners’ top and bottom plies are typically made of chemical pulp and include some recycled fibers. Here’s where Stora Enso’s new kraftliner differs from the rest: AvantForte WhiteTop has 3 layers that are all enforced using 100% virgin fibers only.

This advanced Tri-Ply™ technology guarantees superior compression strength, bending stiffness and humidity performance – the ability to withstand natural elements and other tough conditions. The innovative 3-layer structure can also mitigate strength losses. It makes AvantForte WhiteTop stronger than other existing standard kraftliners, allowing you to use less material per each package.

Box of oranges

Also available in Brown

The new AvantForte premium kraftliner is available in both brown and white top. With these two options you can create packaging that truly fits your brand and business: AvantForte Brown is ideal for natural and eco-friendly brand communication, whereas AvantForte WhiteTop is well suited for a more high-class visual appearance.

Both variations offer an extremely smooth surface for easy customisation and high quality printing, granting an altogether premium visual appearance for all your packaging. With AvantForte, quality is always guaranteed, so you can choose whichever color best suits your brand’s look and needs.

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