Made from toughness,

for the toughest needs.

3-layer structured kraftliner for
corrugated packaging, made
from 100% virgin fibres

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Expand your business into the most demanding and premium segments

Grown in unyielding conditions, AvantForte is made from the strongest of fibres.

The requirements for corrugated packaging are tougher than ever. Packages must endure long transportation chains, represent brands visually and keep their contents safe. On top of that, packaging plays a crucial part in fulfilling a brand’s sustainability goals. Your and your customers’ needs have guided us: our ambition was to create a plastic-free, eco-friendly packaging material for the most demanding high-end uses.

The result? AvantForte, a premium kraftliner for your toughest needs. Superior visual appearance, purity and strength combined. With the new patent pending Tri-PlyTM technology, outstanding performance is guaranteed. Available in brown and white top.

The introduction of the new AvantForte kraftliner is part of our transformation story and a direct result of the mill conversion in Oulu, Finland. Scroll down to sign up for the newsletter and to stay tuned for more information.


Technical specifications

AvantForte samples - order yours now

The production of our new AvantForte kraftliner has began, and the A4 sample sheets are now available. If you wish to receive samples of this innovative packaging material and join the forerunners of sustainable corrugated packaging, now is the time to make your move.

Follow the link below to give us your contact information. Our local sales representative will then contact you personally to discuss your particular sample needs and possible sample delivery.


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Insights on food-safe packaging - watch our webinar

Consumer safety is a top priority for all brands, retailers, producers, governments and material manufacturers alike. That is why Stora Enso is committed to supporting customers develop better packaging that is not only recyclable and renewable, but also safe: choosing the right material for the intended use is key.

Want to learn more? Watch our webinar recording from June 2020 to gain valuable insights on food safety and the best packaging materials for demanding corrugated end-uses.


Watch now



1 - Suitable for direct food contact

AvantForte’s purity is ideal for packing sensitive food. It helps in keeping dry, moist and fatty foods safe for consumers.

2 - Tough but formable

The new patent pending Tri-Ply™ technology creates higher compression strength and bending stiffness for maximum strength during each step of the value chain.

3 - Less material per package

Lightweight technology helps you use less material and can lower brands’ transportation costs. Additionally, this can help you reduce the carbon footprint of your package. Better performance, with less material.

4 - Effective protection

This tough but light kraftliner is also perfectly suitable for packaging used in complicated supply chains, for example premium e-commerce packaging.

5 - Ideal for brand communication

When printing on AvantForte you can achieve the highest possible print quality and avoid defects such as washboarding. A smooth surface enables better print with less ink.

6 - Eco-friendly packaging material

AvantForte is made of 100% renewable material from sustainably managed forests. Our plastic free kraftliner is fully recyclable.

Stand out visually

The formation and smoothness of AvantForte allow for outstanding print quality. The patent pending Tri-PlyTM technology guarantees excellent bending stiffness, which reduces printing defects such as washboarding. The extremely smooth surface also results in less ink consumption for exceptional visual appearance. Due to AvantForte’s excellent printing surface, brand positioning and differentiation via packaging becomes remarkably easy.

Because of its outstanding visual appearance and strength, AvantForte can be utilized for a multitude of brand communication needs, such as shelf and mailbox ready solutions and harvest-to-display product supply chain.


10% stronger with Tri-Ply™ technology

Single and two-ply kraftliners’ top and bottom plies are typically made of chemical pulp and include some recycled fibres. AvantForte is different: it is a unique kraftliner produced from 3 layers, and they are all enforced using only 100% virgin fibers.

This advanced Tri-Ply™ technology guarantees superior compression strength, bending stiffness and humidity performance. The innovative 3-layer structure can also mitigate strength losses. It makes AvantForte 10% stronger than other existing standard kraftliners, which will allow you to use less material per each package.

AvantForte is available in Brown and WhiteTop

The new AvantForte premium kraftliner is available in two different, but equally stylish colors: brown and white top. AvantForte Brown is ideal for natural and eco-friendly brand communication, whereas the Optical Brightener Additives (OBA) free AvantForte WhiteTop is well suited for a more premium visual appearance.

Both color variations offer an extremely smooth and elegant surface which allows for easy customization and high quality printing, thus granting an altogether premium visual appearance for all your packaging. With AvantForte, quality is always guaranteed, so you can choose whichever color best suits your brand’s look and needs.

AvantForte is now available!

The ribbon is cut! The Oulu Mill inauguration ceremony has been held, which means the production of the new AvantForte kraftliner has also officially begun.

But what exactly makes AvantForte so tough, and how is that toughness achieved in production? Watch this video to take a peek at the new production line and learn how our new kraftliner helps you gain an advantage in the most demanding markets of today.

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