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Protect and Connect

Protect structural timber and build safely and efficiently with Stora Enso protective solutions and accessories. Multi-functional coatings and membranes increase construction speed on-site, and deliver outstanding results both during and after construction.


Come rain or shine Stora Enso has you covered!

At Stora Enso, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to build with Sylva™ by Stora Enso, and that includes offering simple and effective coatings and membranes to protect against, moisture, UV damage, and insects. Many of our coatings come in a variety of hues to enhance the overall visual surface and have minimal environmental impact.  

Add another layer of prefabrication to your Sylva™ by Stora Enso products

Coatings and membranes can save thousands of valuable construction hours and resources, reduce the risk of expensive remedial work, and dramatically extend a building’s lifespan. With the rise of low-carbon design, we’re experiencing incredible advances in the development of protection available for mass timber. But how do you know which products are appropriate for your building project? And how do you know the site contractor will apply the necessary coatings and best practices on-site according to the climatic and regional regulations?

The simple solution is to let Stora Enso protect your wood products for you. We offer a comprehensive service to advise you with experienced technicians on the right protective measures. We operate an automated state-of-the-art coating line that applies the highest quality water-based coatings - an investment of over nine million euros that we put towards our customers’ success.

A full line of industry-leading protective coatings and membranes

Hydrophobic Coating

The hydrophobic coatings we apply repel water and protect Sylva™, helping maintain a stable moisture content during construction.

Applied in factory-controlled conditions, they prevent water and dirt from entering and at the same time allow moisture to escape. The coating is highly weather resistant and is not affected during lifting and handling.
Construction site in the rain
Left: Untreated CLT | Right: UV Hydrophobic Coating (Nature)
Left: Untreated CLT | Right: UV Hydrophobic Coating (50 White)
Left: Untreated CLT | Right: UV Hydrophobic Coating (100 White)
UV Hydrophobic Coating (Nature)
UV Hydrophobic Coating (50 White)
UV Hydrophobic Coating (100 White)


  • No need for additional drying time on site 

  • Reduced risk of water damage 

  • Enables year-round construction 

Key facts

  • Water-dilutable varnish based on acrylate and biocide-free 

  • Temporary moisture protection for approximately 12 weeks 

  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certificate available 

  • Suitable for Sylva CLT Walls and Floors 

  • Compatible with other coatings offered by Stora Enso  

UV Hydrophobic Coatings

Because Sylva is made from solid wood, it naturally contains lignin which is sensitive to UV radiation. While lignin degradation has no structural impact, it can affect the visual appearance over time.

UV Hydrophobic coating
Left: UV Hydrophobic Coating (Nature) after four weeks of indirect sun exposure | Right: Untreated CLT
Left: UV Hydrophobic Coating (Nature) after four weeks of direct sun exposure | Right: Untreated CLT
Photo: PONNIE Images © Horst and Gabriele Siedle Art


  • Reduced risk of moisture and UV damage 

  • Saves valuable construction time 

Key facts

  • Suitable for Sylva CLT Walls and Floors 

  • Satin finish for all colour options 

  • Compatible with other coatings offered by Stora Enso  

  • Biocide-free with low environmental impact 

  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certificate available 

End Grain Sealer

Regardless of the visual surface quality, some end grain is always exposed to the elements and is susceptible to absorbing moisture, and swelling.

But, with the highly weather-resistant sealer we apply, it’s possible to prevent water from getting trapped in the wood during construction. This avoids costly delays waiting for the wood to dry out or expensive remedial work from any mould or rot that might have developed.

End Grain sealer

Photo: Unikuva / Stora Enso


  • Water-dilutable based on acrylate, allowing the wood to breathe with open diffusion 

  • No costly construction delays while wood dries out

  • Reduced risk of end grain damage 

  • No need for time-consuming on-site application  

  • Ensure tight tolerances 

Key facts

  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certificate available 

  • Effective sealing of the CLT microstructures to reduce water damage 

  • Biocide-free with low environmental impact 

  • Compatible with other coatings offered by Stora Enso  

  • Temporary moisture protection for approximately 12 weeks 

Insecticide Coating

When insects enter an infrastructure, they can cause incredible damage. Stora Enso offers a highly effective bio-based solution with insecticidal and fungicidal properties to tackle this issue.

Beetle on stump


  • High level of protection during transport, site storage and installation as materials arrive pre-treated, securely wrapped and with our just-in-time delivery service. 

  • Effective against wood-eating larvae (house buck, lyctus, rodent beetle), termites, fungi, and basidiomycetes (brown and white rot).  

Key facts

  • Preserves the natural appearance of Sylva 

  • Available as a colourless coating

  • CTB-P+ certified

Temporary Membrane

We offer heavy-duty protection if you anticipate your Sylva CLT Floors being exposed to standing water on the construction site.

The membrane can be applied in our factory or sealed with specialised tape on-site. It works very well because it is breathable, so residual moisture can dry out.

Temporary membrane

Photo: SIGA 


  • Reliable moisture protection during transportation, assembly and construction 

  • Translucent so wood structure remains visible 

  • Robust and non-slip

Key facts

  • Available for Sylva CLT Floors 

  • Ideal in combination with our end grain varnish

  • Not suitable for visual grade Sylva elements


Let us do the heavy lifting for you!

Preinstall Sylva™ Walls, Floors, and more with safety lifting equipment

Many contractors install lifting devices on-site using local labour to hoist mass timber building elements into place. With multiple hardware options available and trans-international regional guidelines, this step in the construction process can be time-consuming. Failure to install lifting equipment with the exact weights and balance points before installation can result in damage to products, property and life.

At Stora Enso we offer a comprehensive service to reduce those risks and headaches by preinstalling lifting devices in factory-controlled settings with computer-aided design and precision. Our technical team of experts advise on the best equipment and oversees every detail so you can stay focused on your project and the final inspection checks for a smoother overall construction process with a quick and efficient uptime.

Lifting Devices (reusable and non-reusable)

We offer a range of reusable and non-reusable lifting devices, everything from, anchors, yokes and lightweight to heavy-duty rigging equipment.

Our technical experts have a comprehensive body of knowledge of many leading industry products available and can best advise you on the most appropriate device for your project’s needs.

Lifting guidelines

Lifting devices

Copyright Unikuva / Stora Enso

Benefits of pre-installation

Benefits of pre-installation

  • Optimal load capacity and stability based on element weight and centre of mass automatically calculated from 3D manufacturing model.

  • Maximum quality control of all lifting devices as they are installed with CNC precision in our tightly controlled factory conditions that adhere to ISO and European EN standards.  

  • We have partnerships with the leading providers and can recommend the best options for your project.

  • Less time and construction budget wasted while local labourers install on-site. 

  • Fewer work site injuries because everything is already preinstalled.

  • Reduced need for onsite temporary storage space of materials as Sylva elements with Lfting Devices are delivered preinstalled and just-in-time.

  • EU and UK declarations of conformity (DoC) are available for most fittings we offer. 

Value of our Sylva services

  • High quality with optimal and consistent coverage on all surfaces due to factory-controlled conditions that adhere to manufacturers’ guidelines and ISO/ European EN standards.  

  • No need to research the latest coatings and membranes - we partner with industry-leading providers and recommend the best options for your project.  

  • High standard of protection during transit, site storage and installation with reduced weather delays.  

  • Reduced need for moisture-controlled temporary storage onsite while wood products are coated as we deliver precoated and just-in-time.  

  • Any dirt or scuffs incurred during installation are much easier to wipe off once coated. 

  • Fewer work site injuries as all materials are delivered and ready to assemble. 

  • Reduce the need for scaffolding and risks of accidents at heights with hard-to-access areas. 

  • EU and UK declarations of conformity (DoC) are available for most protective coatings and membranes we offer. 

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This is a start of a series of experts discussing mass timber construction – stay tuned for more interviews!

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