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Ordering groceries and meal kits online for home delivery has rapidly become sensationally popular. Quick commerce and high customer convenience on one hand, increased carbon-foot print and cost on the other.

How does it work today?

Most companies are willing to act to evolve towards a sustainable future, still with high ambitions and clear goals to ensure customer convenience. Though, it is hard to find viable alternatives which can give environmental benefits without major impact on cost performance.

Offering home deliveries of meal kits and online grocery sales is today not an option, rather a must, for all companies in the food industry – all being dependent on securing the cold chain whilst managing a complex logistics set-up with cooling trucks, tight time slots and flexible transport packaging.

How can it work tomorrow?

Stora Enso has a strong commitment to be a forerunner in climate-smart packaging solutions, by developing solutions with the possibility to reduce carbon footprint, dependency on fossil-based materials and increasing possibility for profitable business for our customers.

Insulating boxes by Stora Enso is a newly developed solution that provides high performing insulating capacity in combination with an ability to reduce carbon footprint and fossil-based materials usage. The boxes have very high insulation capacity, making them suitable for both frozen and chilled groceries – or a combination – adaptable for customer purpose.

Our aim is to deliver a solution that makes it possible for you to reduce your dependency on cooling trucks and plastic alternatives. We hope it can benefit both the environment and your wallet.
Different businesses all have different needs. We are ready to talk with you to learn more about yours.

Will your customers be happy?

Our consumer test panel gave the box high remarks. A cooling effect that lasted combined with a renewable, reusable and recyclable material was perceived as the perfect combination.

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What we offer

  • Three pallet optimized standard sizes; 20, 30 and 40 litres
  • Delivered in easy-assembled flat packages to your site
  • Own branding possible if desired

Packaging volume:

  • Small: 20 litre
  • Medium: 30 litre
  • Large: 40 litre

What makes our boxes different?

Insulating box

Cost reduction

Possibility to reduce the necessity of cooling trucks, offering an increased margin potential
Insulating box

Flexible delivery

Long-lasting temperature level reduces the need to have tight delivery slots, possibility to leave box on doorstep
Insulating box

Circular business model

Optimal to reuse in several loops, easily disassembled to flat packages and returned to sender
Insulating box

Low environmental impact

Raw material source, production and assembly in the Nordics, delivered in easy-assembled flat packages to customer site
Insulating box

Frustration free recycling

Whole solution can be easily disassembled into flat packages and recycled in existing board streams
Insulating box

Fresh food longer

Offering flexible packing possibilities with separate zones for frozen, chilled and dry goods gives each section ideal conditions

Brings you value

  • Insulating boxes for keeping food and groceries frozen or chilled during transportation or storage, very well suited for meal kit delivery and online grocery sales
  • Box made from corrugated board with insulation capacity deriving from our unique wood foam material, the first cost-efficient sustainable packaging foam from renewable resources on the market
  • The boxes can be recycled in existing board streams or returned to be reused in several loops, hence optimal for circular business models
  • Flexible grocery packaging possibilities, offering separate zones for frozen, chilled and dry goods, resulting in fresh food longer
  • Sustainable forestry, alll raw material derives from FSC® certified wood, PEFC® certification also optional

Q&A about our insulating boxes

Q: Are additional cooling blocks necessary?

A: In some cases, primarily for frozen food and groceries. Holds temperature for chilled food for several hours, though all solutions and logistics chains are different, so each case should be tested in a pilot to guarantee each cold chain.

Q: How long can it be left on a door step?

A: Generally, for several hours, but since all solutions and logistics chains are different, each case should be tested in a pilot to guarantee each cold chain.

Q: Can it handle frozen items?

A: Yes

Q: Does it also work for hot foods?

A: Yes

Q: When can I buy it?

A: Pilot volumes will be available 2021, commercial volumes during 2022

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