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AvantFlute SC

AvantFlute SC+

AvantFlute SC+ – Corrugated fluting that performs under pressure

Whether in cold and wet environments, long and demanding transport, or under rough handling conditions, AvantFlute SC+ corrugated fluting by Stora Enso stands up to the pressure and keeps on performing. You can expect uniform quality, high strength and hassle-free runnability – in short, greater productivity.

AvantFlute SC+ is our semi-chemical (SC) fluting made from Nordic fresh fibre. The fresh fibre gives the SC fluting an outstanding purity and makes it completely recyclable and renewable.

We also offer recycled fluting option: AvantFlute Recycled.

Strong performance, superior sustainability 

We have developed AvanteFlute SC+ for especially demanding conditions and tough requirements like resistance to creep – the slow, continuous deformation of a box due to constant load over long periods. It also offers superior protection during long and cold transport. It keeps its shape when exposed to moisture and copes effortlessly with fluctuations in temperature. Every day, our customers use our SC fluting in containerboard that travels near and far to safely deliver precious contents to stores and into the hands of consumers.

Hygienic, moisture-resistant and food-safe

Thanks to the fresh fibre, AvantFlute SC+ achieves a high microbiological purity. This makes it a clean and hygienic product, perfect for packaging fruits and vegetables and other fresh produce. Food can come into direct contact with the packaging with no risk of contamination.

A wide grammage range for rightsized packages

A corrugated solution by Stora Enso is lighter and helps reduce the costs of freight, logistics and handling. And the surface lends itself well to printing attractive images and company branding. We offer B, C, D, E, F and N fluting profiles. In the low grammage ranges, our fluting is ideal for thinner constructions in food-contact applications like fruits and vegetable packaging. In the higher grammages, our heavy-duty strength fluting possesses the strength to create a corrugated solution that can replace plastic containers. 

Our corrugated fluting stands up to the test

Proven in tests like short-span compression, bursting strength and corrugated crush tests, their superior strength brings improved box performance. That’s why our fluting makes the perfect material for a range of packaging needs, from fresh fruit and vegetable packaging to electronics and fragile heavy goods. 

Excellent runnability for high productivity

AvantFlute customers have great productivity demands. Therefore, dependable runnability and uniform fluting quality are nearly as important as strength properties.

At Stora Enso, we do extensive product testing and fine-tuning on our own corrugators. So, experience has enabled us to perfect the material properties of our fluting for efficient use in packaging machinery. 

End-use areas and applications 

  • Industrial and heavy-duty applications
  • Fresh fruit and vegetable packaging, agricultural packaging
  • Home electronics
  • Consumer durable goods, furniture

Why buy AvantFlute SC+?

  • Outstanding and reliable strength properties
  • High purity, made from pure fresh fibre
  • Safety for the goods it carries

Technical specifications


Key benefits of AvantFlute SC

  • Safe for food contact in various packaging types – complies with BfR food packaging recommendations; SC fluting FDA-compliant for food contact.

  • Consistent high quality and excellent runnability for greater productivity, less downtime and reduced waste.

  • High creep resistance for the strength and durability you need in tough weather conditions

  • Wide grammage range available, providing flexibility for rightsizing your packages.

  • 100% recyclable, sustainably sourced and produced.

  • Produced at ISO facilities, with FSC® and PEFC™ certification on request.

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