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There’s nothing bigger than zero

For the first time ever zero has gained the power to create real value. Performa Light CarbonZero™ by Stora Enso is the first carbon neutral cartonboard offer in the market. This is big news for us all.

When a packaging material causes zero CO2 emissions, it creates new possibilities for all businesses alike. The possibility to reduce climate impact. The possibility to reach more ambitious sustainability goals. The possibility to stand out from the rest. The possibility for all of us to pursue a better future.

With a fossil carbon emission free mill* and a verified carbon offsetting service, we have created a carbon neutral material for premium folding cartons and made zero the next big thing in packaging.

How we reached zero

Carbon neutrality is not easy to achieve. It takes time and dedication. Much can be achieved with climate-smart decisions and the transition from fossil fuels to renewable options. Our priority is always to reduce fossil emissions in our operations and value chain as much as we can. However, some emissions are still currently unavoidable, which is why we utilize carbon offsetting to be able to offer climate neutral packaging now already. 

Stora Enso’s first fossil-CO2 emission free board mill

Performa Light CarbonZero is produced at Stora Enso’s Fors Mill in Sweden. Since 2017 and after 30 years of continuous improvement work, Fors Mill is fossil carbon emission-free in its electricity and steam production. From the beginning of 2022 also internal logistics will be fossil free. This has been achieved by climate-smart choices, and it makes the mill all in all unique in the world. This proves fossil CO2 free operations are achievable even in large-scale industrial operations.


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*According to the GHG Protocol, Fors Mill will not have any Scope 1 fossil CO2 emissions from beginning of 2022. Other Scope 1 GHG emissions, mainly associated with biofuel and Scope 2 GHG emissions are also low (about 40 kg CO2-eq/t in 2020).

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Carbon offsetting

Carbon offsetting means voluntarily compensating for greenhouse gas emissions by buying carbon credits to support projects that benefit the climate in various ways. By buying carbon credits, a company supports projects that benefit the climate in various ways. These projects can cover many areas such as renewable energy and energy efficiency, and increasing carbon sequestration by planting trees, for example. Achieved climate benefits compensate for the emissions of a product or service the company offers.

The production of Performa Light CarbonZero is already very low on greenhouse gas emissions, and the currently unavoidable emissions originating from raw material production are compensated with a reliable offsetting service. We only choose verified Gold Standard offsetting projects to ensure a positive impact on the climate, and we use offsetting to only complement reduction targets where other means are not yet feasible.

More benefits with zero CO2


Stand out with carbon neutrality

When you make your packaging with Performa Light CarbonZero, you can reduce your carbon footprint and also stand out: communicate sustainable values and create a brand perception that today’s environmentally aware consumers will take notice of. Be a forerunner through your packaging.


Gain strength by saving materials

Performa Light CarbonZero uses FiberLight Tec™, a patented fiber treatment technology that reduces the need for energy and material in production, making it the most lightweight GC2 grade on the market without compromising strength. Now you can reduce the weight of packaging while maintaining strength and protection.


Gain a premium visual appearance

Performa Light CarbonZero has exceptionally high whiteness and smoothness. Together these attributes create an excellent visual appearance that helps you build a premium product image with packaging.


Excel in premium applications

Performa Light CarbonZero is firm, strong, and taste and odour neutral, which makes it ideal for direct food contact and many demanding packaging applications from chocolate and confectionery to beauty care products. These qualities help your business excel in sensitive product categories where reliable packaging is a key factor.


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Accomplish your sustainability goals by starting from zero. Click the link below and order brand-new Performa Light CarbonZero samples. After giving us your contact information, our local sales representative will contact you personally to discuss your particular sample needs and sample delivery.

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Guarantee of transparency

Stora Enso works together with South Pole, who provides the carbon offsets used for compensating the currently unavoidable emissions of Performa Light CarbonZero. On top of this, South Pole has also verified the footprint of the product.

To ensure total transparency, our customers can receive the full verification report, which includes information of what the shares of emissions are offset during different parts of the value chain. The verification report is available upon request via pmsustainability@storaenso.com.


The next big step? Climate positivity.

We are about to begin a new chapter in our story – a renewed sustainability ambition that starts from zero, but does not end there.

Stora Enso’s next big ambition is climate positivity. We don’t want to just erase our footprint. We want to replace it with a pathway to a completely regenerative future. Stora Enso’s goal is to become 100% circular, net biodiversity positive and net carbon positive by 2050. Follow the link below to read more about our renewed sustainability ambition with 2030 targets.

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