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Wood pellets for horse bedding

Pellets for horse bedding

For the love of your horse

Many people these days are discovering the advantages of wood pellets for horse bedding. Pellet horse bedding can make a great alternative to wood shavings or straw. Here’s why.

Super absorbent, hygienic and comfy

Stora Enso’s premium horse bedding pellets are made from locally sourced and sustainably managed softwood. Our horse bedding pellets quickly absorb liquid and moisture, transforming into a bed that is fluffy, soft and comfy underfoot. Additionally, our pellets contain natural resins and oils to combat ammonia, keeping your stable smelling sweet.

Pellets are heat-treated and therefore naturally antiseptic and free from mould and bacteria. They are a safe choice and provide a healthy hoof and limb environment for all ponies and horses. The virtually dust-free pellet bedding can also benefit horses prone to respiratory conditions.

Cuts mucking out time in half or more

You’ll be amazed at how much time you save on mucking out with wood pellet horse bedding. Unlike other bedding materials, this super-absorbent and long-lasting bedding results in fewer muck heaps and less bedding you need to remove. So, you can spend less time cleaning and slash your waste volumes.

Saves storage space

Thanks to the tightly compacted nature of wood pellets, the bags take up minimal space compared to other alternatives. You simply add warm water to them and they expand to nearly 4 times their original volume.

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For great horse bedding, buy wood pellets from Stora Enso for your stable. Super absorbent, comfy, easy to store, and cost effective.

Key benefits of pellets

  • Significantly more absorbent than most other types of horse bedding – keeps stables dry and hygienic. Drastically reduces mucking out time – this material is labour- and time-saving.

  • Cost efficient – long-lasting absorbent product means you replace it more rarely

  • Naturally soft, fluffy and comfortable bed

  • Premium horse bedding – made from top-quality natural raw materials, sustainable and biodegradable

  • Easy storage – compacted pellets are heavier and denser than straw or shavings and take up less storage space


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Why buy pellets from Stora Enso?

  • Cost efficient
  • Easy storage
  • Labour and time saving

Pellets for horse bedding

Frequently asked questions

How do I use pellets by Stora Enso?

By adding fresh water to the wood pellets, they are softened into an absorbent bedding for the horse which is both dry and comfortable.

You can use pellets by Stora Enso in different ways, different horse owners will use different methods to prepare the bedding. For example, water can be added to the bag, which fluffs up the pellets into a dense, dry bedding. As you begin to use pellets, you will quickly work out how much water you prefer to add to each bag. If you have very wet horses, you can top up the bed with dry pellets on top of the wet areas. We have noticed that on average, it takes 10 litres per bag to activate the pellets. Once you have poured the water, wait for 10 to 15 minutes for them to become a fluffy bedding.

How many bags of pellets do I need for a box?

You will need about 6 to 8 bags to create a new bedding.

How long does a pallet last?

One pallet is typically about 9 months’ supply, depending on how clean or messy your horse is.

How many bags do I need for maintenance?

For the average horse stabled at night, 1 top up bag per week will be enough.

Are the pellets biodegradable?

Yes, the soiled bedding composts quickly (8 to 10 months) and will produce excellent natural manure for your land. It will raise the acidity of soil as well as help to retain moisture in poor soils. Spread it around your flowering plants or use it as a mulch for trees. But don't use it in your veggie garden because although the pellets are non-toxic out of the bag, your veggies may absorb unsafe chemicals from the horse’s manure.

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