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Wood pellets for industrial heating

Pellets for industrial heating

Reliable heat, renewable resource

Pellets by Stora Enso provide a cost-competitive option to fossil fuel heating. Highly combustible, low carbon, and an efficient form of fuel with a reliable supply, they make the ideal fuel for industrial or commercial biomass heating systems.

Why renewables for commercial and industrial heating?

Our wood pellets offer an environmentally friendly alternative to gas, oil and electricity to power your plant or commercial premises. Only wood shavings, dry chips and sawdust are used to manufacture our pellets. This is why they are extremely energy-rich and produce a very small volume of ash.

Sustainable and highly efficient, our biomass wood pellets in pellet boilers help to lower your bills and CO2 emissions. You can also secure the supply and cost of your heating with this readily available material. And, depending on your country’s regulations, you can benefit from tax incentives and renewable energy credits.

Wood pellets with a gold track record

Our pellets for industrial heating boast a good track record in terms of energy as well as the environment. The heating value of two kilograms of Stora Enso’s pellets roughly equals that of one litre of heating oil. Yet unlike burning oil, burning pellets is carbon neutral. This means that when they burn they release exactly the same amount of carbon dioxide that the trees have stored during their growth.

A consistent high quality also prevents emission peaks, which is critical if you participate in the EU emissions trading system. In this system, supplier transparency and traceability of raw materials is also important. Stora Enso’s pellets are a part of our wood traceability system. They hold third-party certification from FSC® and PEFC™ and all the relevant quality certifications.

At Stora Enso, we maintain full control of the entire pellet value chain. So, you can rest assured that all our pellets are made and handled in the safest way possible.

Buy Pellets by Stora Enso for commercial and industrial heating

Buy our premium quality, fully certified wood pellets for efficient, reliable and responsible heating! If you need more information, email us at

Easy Pellets Refill 

Easy Pellets Refill is a premium service that fully automates your pellet deliveries. With the aid of a smart monitoring device, we ensure your company is always stocked with 100% sustainable pellets. No more time spent monitoring supply levels or placing orders. Get accurate real-time readings with exact measurements, statistical data, and reporting options.   

Contact us to receive your smart monitoring device and access link to your personalised dashboard.  

Currently only available in Sweden.

Sales Manager Contacts

Elisabeth Granström   
+46 703775430  
Fredrik Werninger 
+46 767851630 

Buy pelletsCertified Technical Specifications

Why pellets from Stora Enso?

  • Quality certifications in place
  • Premium quality
  • High service levels

Products made from renewable materials provide low-carbon alternatives to those based on fossil fuels and other non-renewable materials.

Find out more about the sustainability of Stora Enso's quality wood pellets in the Documents section below.

Key benefits of pellets

  • All relevant environmental and quality certifications in place

  • Premium quality, low dust and ash content

  • Renewable, reliable raw material supply and on-time deliveries

  • High service levels from a European leader in wood products you can trust

  • Integrated value chain – Stora Enso sources, produces and delivers the pellets


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