Let's build in wood, for future generations

There is an urgent need for more schools—at least 15 000 in Europe alone. To find a fast and sustainable solution, we developed an easy-to-build school kit made of wood.

Building in mass timber reduces emissions, shortens construction time, and improves well-being.

We believe this is the way forward—not only for schools but the entire construction industry too.

One easy-to-build solution. A million possibilities.

Introducing Sylva™ by Stora Enso!

Ruled by simplicity, Sylva kits include everything you need to create a modern, sustainable wood structure today.

Our pre-engineered wood-based products make designing low-carbon buildings a breeze at any scale.

See how Sylva can help you build smarter, faster and more sustainably

School in a box kit

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What is Sylva™ by Stora Enso?

Sylva is Stora Enso’s range of engineered and prefabricated products in massive wood comprising pre-manufactured, custom-made applications delivered just-in-time to the building site.

This solution enables faster construction, reduced costs, more efficient use of raw material and fewer emissions than concrete or steel.

The prefabricated, easy-to-install components respond to the developers’ need to reduce on-site labour, shorten construction timelines, and increase sustainable building practices.
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School concept by Stora Enso

This scalable wooden school can be built with a Sylva kit in a matter of a few short weeks.

In a matter of minutes, this school will grow back.

Stora Enso can trace where 100% the wood comes from in Sylva kits. We only source wood from European forests which grow more than they are harvested and is third-party certified (FSC®*, PEFC, or both). 

Sylva is exclusively produced with only renewable electricity or fossil-free energy. Making Sylva by Stora Enso a name you can trust.

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Cut carbon emissions by up to 70%*

* When comparing wooden load-bearing framed buildings to similar concrete load-bearing framed buildings, reductions of 70% emissions can be achieved.  (Combient Pure: Comparison Calculations of Low-carbon Construction)


One easy-to-build solution. A million possibilities.

The wood house effect. Well-being and increased productivity.

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What our customers say about building with mass timber: Dietrich Untertrifaller

Dominik Philipp, Managing Partner at architecture firm Dietrich Untertrifaller, shares how prefabricated and precision-manufactured wooden elements can change the way we construct, and deconstruct, our buildings to enable circularity.

What our customers say about building with mass timber: WO2

What makes wooden buildings attractive to investors and tenants alike? Laurent Petit, Director of Engineering at developer WO2, explains why his company decided to select timber as their main construction material for new buildings and shares his tips on what to consider when building in wood.

Concrete facts about wood

Every week, the equivalent of a new Paris is built. With mass timber, we can reduce carbon emissions in new construction.

Concrete facts about wood

Sylva™ kits are delivered just-in-time, meaning less need for on-site storage.

Concrete facts about wood

Northstowe school in Cambridge, made from mass timber, stores 2 000 tons of CO2.

Concrete facts about wood

Let’s be honest. Wood looks better than concrete.

Concrete facts about wood

Constructing with Sylva™ you can save up to 70% in carbon emissions compared to building with concrete.*

*Comparison of load-bearing frame material emissions, source: Combient Pure – Comparison Calculations of Low-carbon Construction


Concrete facts about wood

Wood increases rates of well-being by 13%. Find out more on our #WoodHouseEffect page.

Concrete facts about wood

Wooden structures can last for centuries. The oldest wooden building in the world is a five-story temple near Nara, Japan, built in 700AD!

Concrete facts about wood

With Sylva™, transportation to building sites can be reduced by up to 80%. 

Concrete facts about wood

Wooden buildings increase productivity by 8%. (Pollinate Health Report, 2018)

Concrete facts about wood

Stora Enso knows the origin of all the wood we use: 100% comes from sustainable sources.

Concrete facts about wood

Wood is one of the few building materials that grows back. Steel and concrete don’t.

Concrete facts about wood

Aviation fuel accounts for 2.5% of global CO2 emissions and cement for 8%, but wood stores carbon throughout its entire lifespan.

Concrete facts about wood

Mass timber is lighter yet stronger than both steel and concrete.

Concrete facts about wood

Sylva™ means at least 30% faster construction time than concrete.

Concrete facts about wood

Massive wood has excellent thermal resistance and insulation properties.

Concrete facts about wood

For each cubic meter of mass timber used 750 kilograms of CO2 are removed from the atmosphere. 

Concrete facts about wood

School gyms, music rooms and libraries vary greatly in acoustic needs. With the Sylva school kit, customised acoustics are already included.

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Photo: Albrecht Imanuel Schnabel

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